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Shootings. rebels and gays, Oh my! ... By Rev Logsdon

I have remained quiet about recent issues for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is simple oversaturation. I felt my opinion will just be another voice in society that gets ignored and brushed to the side. This is also how most white Americans feel. That their opinion won’t be heard or simply won’t matter. Because frankly it won’t. In this despicable modern society so many people carry on with the "victim" mentality. Constantly talking about the wrongs done to us and the double standards we all know exist. That doesn’t matter a hill of beans to these people, to society or the system. They know what they are doing is wrong and they don’t care. So why should we!?

The teaching in Creativity constantly harp about, "never again through a serpents eye", these people actually live it. They don’t look at life through our eyes, they don’t try to justify our actions, like we do theirs. Because once again they don’t care, they only care for themselves. These are people who rob, rape and murder. Who torture, maim and slaughter at will. With no sense of morality, ethics or conscience. So white men need to wake up, let go of their hang ups and be prepared to do whatever is necessary for the survival of our people!

When I refer to these people, I refer to niggers, spics, sand jockey terrorists, kikes, white traitors and anybody else who stands in the way of the survival, expansion and advancement of the white race! There are those who will say this type of language is cruel, harsh. That it shows a "lack of intelligence". No it shows I no longer care who I offend because this isn’t going to be a war of words or a political debate. This is going to be a very ugly, bloody war for our survival. And when you’re staring down a mob of black savages who will rape and murder your whole family, your opinion won’t matter to them. Nor your sense of morality, intelligence or education! It will be you versus them, survival of the fittest! Nature in its purest form. Will you stand and fight or go sh.. about it over and over again on social media!

Now that I got my little rant out of the way here. LOL! We can talk about the recent issues facing our people here in the US. Let us start off with this mentally disturbed individual and the media hype to follow. As you all know Dylann Roof shot up a black church. No planning, no exact point just random murder. This is no martyr, this is no hero and this man is not one of us!!! Now don’t get me wrong I don’t care one bit for the deaths of these people he killed, but in no way do we support it or condone it. I know that might seem hypocritical to what I send above so let me explain. This action does nothing strategically for the battle for our survival. Not one person was a key figure in the destruction of our people. Once again simple pawns to be made into martyrs to justify their attacks on our people.

They used it as a ramrod of political correctness to destroy a cultural iconic symbol of the south. But more on that later. For now lets look deeper at this Roof situation. By simple first glance at a picture of this disturbed kid, you can see there is something off about him. I know nothing about this kid, his life and history. I can only speculate. I see a kid who, odds are was a social outcast, shunned by society as a whole because he didn’t fit into todays "norm". Someone who had deep seeded issues that festered and grew into a maniacal rage that ended in destruction. Someone who didn’t have any positive ways to direct his hatred.

We Creators know hatred is a natural emotion, but left unchecked without the proper channel for release can twist and corrupt the thoughts of even the strongest men. But beyond that his actions were purely selfish. I talked about it in my article "Birds of a feather flock together", in regards to Glenn Miller.
The Glenn Miller situation birds of a feather flock together...By Rev Logsdon

Lets think hypothetically you want to deeply impact and disrupt the black race. You wouldn’t attack random people, especially at their place of worship. The whole situation stinks of high heaven of a conspiracy theory!!! Instead you would go after those who actively, specifically work towards our destruction. Those leaders of black militant groups who call for the death of "white babies". Those who are the image of the anti-white system. The people who make a living out of race baiting! Or one might go for their icons of "black superiority", the athletes, the entertainers, the politicians. So with that being said the enemy tries to twist this as some attack on them by "White supremacists", instead of realizing it was a random act of violence by a lone nut!

I won’t openly condemn it until every black leader, including Obama, openly condemns the murders and rapes committed against my people by theirs! But I damn sure won’t support it. Those that do, namely one group led by a homosexual man who performed fellatio in prison for protection, is damn sure not a part of the same cause I am!!!

Now lets move on to this debacle over the confederate flag. I own a confederate flag and proudly display, hanging in my garage. I was born in Texas but raised in Illinois, so I don’t do it for "southern pride" as many do. I simply do as it is a cultural symbol of American heritage. That and it pisses off niggers, LOL, hey I’m honest. I have a "Nazi" battle flag tattooed across my chest but I don’t consider myself a "Nazi" either. However, the most disturbing thing out of  all this to me isn’t the fact they removed a cultural icon, that they are trying to banish it as well. Just to make a political statement. It isn’t the first and won’t be the last in this century old plan to destroy American culture and identity. To take away and destroy the strongest "White nation" by using the same system we instilled to protect ourselves from our own tyranny! The irony is outstanding. But like I said it doesn’t shock me, it bothers me but nothing unexpected. Just a bump on the road we are heading.

Next they will start banning other flags protected by free speech, then "hate" language similar to Canada’s law. Then who knows what else, banning Whites from breeding with one another? White slavery? Who knows what more they will do before we as a people start fighting back.

I however sit back and see the lack of true education and the re-write of history as one of the most sickening parts of this. They compare the rebel flag as one of racism and black oppression. Well, the new age history teaches them that this is true, but if they truly knew that if it wasn’t for the assassination of Lincoln, the man they praise as their hero, they would be starving with bones through their noses back in their "motherland" of Africa. Very few people are educated to Lincolns recolonization program. In which during the civil war he set up towns in many African countries, to help them along their way when he shipped all black slaves back to Africa.

My professor of sociology (a complete Marxist nigger) grew up in Liberia in a former recolonization camp, turned city, set up by the Lincoln administration during the civil war. PME Klassen talked about it in the NER, the Jewish Rothschilds were the largest slave owner in the south at that time. They realized that after the north won Lincoln would be re-elected and begin his program of deportation of blacks back to Africa and by so doing taking their entire labor force. Then they would be forced to pay White labor. Instead they had him assassinated which completely shut down Lincoln’s plan.

The man who killed him, known as John Wilkes Booth was born John Botha. An employee of the Rothschild family! In so doing blacks, uneducated, unskilled and still rejected by white society was forced to remain on plantations and work for near to nothing and in most cases room and board. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, look it all up yourself. The proof is there. From Botha's birth record, to Lincolns address to congress for the funding of the recolonization camp. Then when you find the truth you will see how ridiculous it is for them to blame a simple flag for all the "racism" of the south and it being the focal point of their hate.

No, instead see it for what it is my brothers. It isn’t a personal thing against the confederate flag. It is just another patsy they use to further their plan for our destruction. But stand strong and defiant regardless. Wave it proudly and keep it in their face! The confederate flag means allot of things to different people. For most people in the south it is their culture. Hell, look how many blacks in the south proudly display it. The liberals tear its image apart. But it stands for the simpler life of the south, of southern hospitality. Of years of history and heritage. Yet they tear it down and at the same time modern society as a whole embraces a flag of degeneracy. Now let me get to this mess.

If I was a man of traditional "faith" I would honestly believe that this would be the signs of the "end of days". The morale depravity and degeneracy we see nowadays is unbelievable. Half naked and in some cases actually naked men running around kissing other men, acting like women. With children present encouraging them to participate in the same degenerate actions. Millions of people supporting these actions openly, simply to "fit in" with what the MTV, Marxist Jew run media says is the popular opinion. This was a larger action then many believe. It was the final death moan of morality and ethics in America. I know many outside the US just by viewing our media and entertainment probably believe there probably wasn’t much left to begin with. But there remained a thread of decency in society here that is now gone.

I normally didn’t have much hatred or opinion about gays. If they kept it out of site then no one knew. There were homosexuals throughout history, people knew it existed, but NEVER excepted. Prominent people, even a well know "Nazi" who was a BIG part of Hitler’s rise to power, Ernst Röhm. They knew he was a fag, but he kept it in the closet. Soon as Hitler gained power and had no more use for him he had him executed. But to be so brazen with abnormality and degeneracy is a big example of a society and culture on the brink of death. I believe and studies have proven most homosexual men are prone to pedophilia. Now that this has passed now child molesters are demanding their rights. Rights?! What rights do these people think they have other than a swift and very painful death?

So here we are, we have nonwhites and white traitors wanting to kill our kids and fags wanting to f… them! Sorry for being brutally harsh but that is what’s going on in a nutshell. I for one will gladly spend the rest of my life in the ZOG gulags before I ever let them hurt my child. But if we do nothing what future are we really leaving them? In Creativity we find the answers to allot of these problems. In the 7 foundations of a White society.

The first that sticks out to me as vital is "land and territory". Here at TCM we have been working on buying property away from the hodge podge of nonwhite chaos. We encourage others to do so as well. To leave large metro areas that will be absolute war zones. Get your wife and children away while you still can. We understand one must still provide for the family but it’s easier to commute to and from work then to fight behind enemy lines.

The next one is a "racial soul". I have written about it before. But in recent events we have seen an absolute assassination of the White racial soul. Many try to hold on to the cultural soul from our ancient heritages, but in order to live in the NOW we must understand we have to rebuild our peoples spirit. A spirit that has been broken and if we are to survive it will be stained in blood. But time will heal us only if we act. I am not talking about "let’s get someone elected to office". Such an unrealistic outlook! Only a fool would believe that one person can change the fate they have put on us. Do you really think Obama did this to us? Obama was a hand-picked, hand raised puppet chimp, probably one out of dozens they bred for such a role. You can view "they" as the Jewish system or you can go recent specifics and point the finger at the Bilderberg group, or your George Soros types.

Point is they have corrupted that system so well that no true change can happen through it. Is it going to be done by whining on social media and making hashtags trend? Give me a break! I understand many of you are obsessed with it, things like Twitter and FB. Even I have a FB and check it once a day. But only post about once a month! It might entertain us and make us feel we are getting people on our side but it’s all just a mirage. Just like how they used television to zombify generations and turn them into sheep. I can go on.

Blood alone moves the wheel of history. If you are in this fight you need to understand we WILL be at a physical war at some time. The more we run from it and avoid it the more inevitable it becomes. Many of us will die, many of us are dying today. Only when you except this obvious fate can we truly understand and prepare for our future. The above things I talked about are just tid bits, minuscule of what is to come. Prepare yourself comrades. And educate as many along the way as you can. And together may we win this Racial Holy War!

Rev Logsdon
July 42AC (2015)
Rev Logsdon's Personal Blog

                                         Article taken from IMPERIUM # 16


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