Tuesday, 11 August 2015

White Racial Loyalists Exposed

There are many preconceived notions about White Racial Loyalists (WRL) most are negative because they have been implanted by the controlled mediums. Over the past years I have interacted with many different WRL's, some live up to the negative clichés attached their subsection of the Racialist movement but most do not. A cliché that I have not heard is that WRL's are strong supporters for the welfare of animals. I am not a Hardcore animal rights activist, I eat meat (not very Salubrious of me) but having a dog and cat around for most of my life I developed a great respect/love for them, not many people in your life will be as loyal as your pets.
I have noticed that almost all of the WRL's I have interacted with have one thing in common besides racial loyalty, they all care deeply about the welfare of animals. Some do rescue work and volunteer at shelters others refuse to eat meat and pass around those disturbing abuse vids that make me shake with rage, almost all have pets in their house. The compassion I see in the movement for animals is a true reflection of the people, the propaganda from the controlled media becomes transparent to those who take the time to look.          
Why is it that an overwhelming amount of WRL's have this passion for the well being of animals? The compassion, empathy and desire to protect animals shouldn't come as shock as Loyalists are people who are concerned for the future of an entire race and are not selfishly consumed with just their own future. The concern for the welfare of others and the desire to protect are traits that are not just turned on and off and are transferred to all other aspects of ones life.  Naturally an animal in despair would bring the attention and action of a protector.  
The cliché's that should be tagged with WRL's are compassion, empathy and the desire to protect. Despite the many different ideologies within the Racialist movement these characteristics are common and should be a unifying factor. Our enemies have quite successfully succeeded in engraining the perceptions of the public with thoughts of hatred and violence when associated with WRL's, but we must not let our enemies define us. The venom directed from the enemy is understandable they are the oppressors, the bullies and cannot afford to have WRL's exposed for what they really are....... Compassionate, empathetic and protective! 
Brother Smith
Creativity Movement Toronto
Aug 42AC ( 2015)   


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