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Operation Rip-Off... By Ben Klassen




The World's Ultimate Patsy

The White American Taxpayer is the prime target for all the scum, freeloaders, pirates and thieves of this hungry and overcrowded world. More than 20 years ago I read a statement that really shocked me. Although I don't remember the exact wording, it claimed that despite the fact that the United States had never lost a war, or at least entered a war it could not have won, nevertheless, it had been looted of more goods and substance in the last 25 years than had been extracted by all the conquering armies from all their defeated victims combined, from the beginning of history. This is indeed a sweeping indictment, of both the rapacity of our enemies, and the submissive subservience of the victim.

Is the charge true? Yes, indeed it is. It was true back in 1965. It is more than doubly true today.The reader may well ask, how could this be? How could such an affluent, intelligent group of competent people as the American taxpayers, the most successful, productive class in the history of the world, allow this massive thievery to be inflicted upon them?

It is this very characteristic, the fact that they are productive, affluent and hard-working that has made them the prime target o{ all the thieves, pirates, con-artists and looters of this world, both foreign and domestic. As the saying goes, you can't get blood out of a turnip, but the capacity for the productive American taxpayer to allow himself to be looted and to carry all the burdens and short- comings of the world on his back seems to be almost unlimited. The productive American worker collectively creates a tremendous amount of wealth, and the freeloaders of the world, led by the cunning Jew, are determined to take it away from him. So far they have been astoundingly successful. When this piracy will stop depends largely on how well and how soon the White Man can recognize his own identity, organize, get his act together, and throw the vampires from off his back.

How did such a monstrous rip-off ever get started? The answers are many and they are complex. We shall explore them. Let me start with a story I heard Tom Anderson relate in a speech about 20 years ago. He was speaking at our Fact Finder's Forum group, which I then headed, at Fort Lauderdale. Here (in italics) is Tom's story:
Many years ago a drove of wild hogs lived in the big bend of the Ocomulgee River in Georgia. These fierce and independent hogs had survived hunters and floods and fires and freezes and droughts. Hunters bragged when their dogs fought these hogs and returned alive.
One day a gallused stranger stopped by the country store and asked how he could find these wild hogs. All the stranger had was a one-horse wagon, a lantern, on axe, some quilts, some corn and a single-barreled shotgun. Several months later the hog-hunting stranger came back to the same store and asked for help to bring out the wild hogs. He said he had them in a pen over in the swamps. People came from miles around to see how he had caught the wild hogs, which the natives knew could never be captured. "It is all very simple, " droned the gallused stranger. "First I put out some corn. For three weeks none of them would touch it. Then at first the young ones scampered out of the underbrush and grabbed an ear of corn now and then and began to eat it. Later some of the older ones came out and soon they were all eating it. They knew if they didn't the young ones would anyway, so they might as well get in on the free lunch.
"Then I started building a little fence around the corn, just a little higher each day. Before long I noticed they were all waiting for me to bring the corn. Next I built the trap door. Naturally, they raised Cain when they saw I had them. "But I'll tell you this — I can pen any animal on the face of the earth if I can first get them to depend on me for a free hand out."

Tom Anderson concludes his narrative with "Fellow Hogs! We've been fenced!"

Yes, we have indeed. The method by which it is being done is true to form. Unfortunately, Anderson, being a Board Member of the John Birch Society, did not rightly identify the true culprits who are penning us in. He went onto blame the bureaucrats and the Norman Thomas type of socialists, who were leading us to socialism, communism and slavery. Since the Birch Society from its inception was formed to run interference for the Jews and protect their chicanery from being discovered, not the slightest hint was made that behind the socialists and the communists there is a much more powerful and sinister force - a conspiracy that intends to do more than just bring about a socialist paradise. Behind these
facades is the hidden Jewish network whose main objective includes mongrelization and destruction of the White Race as such, and ensnare the surviving mongrelized masses into eternal, iron-clad slavery.

Tom Anderson made that speech some 20 years ago. Listening to the figures he quoted about taxes, budgets, deficits, interest payments, welfare and defense spending now seem relatively puny compared to what they have escalated to in this year of 1986. It is also shuddering to note how far this once great White United States of America has slid down the rat hole in the last 20 years. When we examine how far this country has been pushed further into race- mixing, integrated schools and neighborhoods; hordes of mud colored aliens flooding across our borders and spreading all over the country; the quantum leaps in the national debt, in taxes, in the interest burden to the Jewish Federal Reserve Board; in the Federal "socialization" of medicine, farming, education and just about every other phase of our lives it is a frightening review indeed. Without the White people of America taking note, the fence has been raised a little higher each year and the trap door can now
be sprung at any time. "Our" Jewish Occupational Government (JOG) now has us penned in, is looting the White American taxpayer at will, and the victims hardly raise a whimper of protest.

Let us bring this incredible phenomena up to date, and see how JOG is now feeding us corn. The other day I read in the papers that the U.S. government (JOG) spent $3.250.00 on each citizen in 1985, that is every man, woman and child.

Of course, most of this money went not to the working White producers, but most of it went to the freeloading niggers and other parasites. For a family of ten niggers (not unusual) that would amount to $32,500.00, more than the average White working couple earns in a year. This is also more than my hard- working dad, who worked a wheat farm in Canada would earn in ten years during the '30's.

To bring up a few more comparisons to illustrate how far JOG has led us down the path into the swamp, as recently as 19651 remember Lyndon Johnson giving his State of the Union address. In it he proposed a fiscal budget of $100 billion for the upcoming year, and at the time I thought this was fantastic. That same budget for 1985 was 946 billion dollars, a 946 per cent increase in merely 20 years.

Whereas the budget shows $946 billion spent, only $734 billion was taken in by taxes, the balance of $212 billion was through deficit spending. This means it was "borrowed" from the Federal Reserve Board, a private consortium of Jewish bankers, or more correctly, counterfeiters, who have the "legal" privilege of having their currency printed at will by a subservient captive government. Again, compare the $212 billion deficit with one of $15 billion in 1963, then considered shocking.

Speaking of deficits brings up the subject of the national debt. Whereas that sum 20 years ago stood at the awesome figure of $369 billion, today, in 1986, it has reached the staggering sum total of two trillion. Let us pause a moment here and see if we can even comprehend how huge a figure is a trillion dollars. Most of us can understand what a
million dollars is, and it is and has been the goal of most little boys to become a millionaire when they grow up, it representing wealth beyond imagination. Now a billion is one thousand times a million, and a trillion is a thousand times a billion.

But huge as it is, the two trillion dollar debt is not the total debt owed by the United States and its citizens. It seems that every city is also in debt, every county, every state and every other incorporated municipal district is up to their ears in debt; so is practically every private business corporation, whether it be General Motors, or General Electric, or General Mills; so is practically every farm in the country, and the overwhelming majority of homeowners.

All these debts put together add up to a probable ten trillion dollars rather than just the two trillion national debt. To whom do we owe all this money? This is more money than all the real assets of this country are "worth." For every debtor there must be a creditor on the receiving side. We can't just owe it to a "spirit" or a hole in a doughnut. There must be somebody or a group or a power establishment on the other side to whom such incredibly huge sums are owed. And there is.

In the brilliant speech of Tom Anderson's that I referred to earlier, he too raised that question, then deftly skirted the issue by saying the socialists say, "don't worry about it, we owe it to ourselves," then being a good Bircher, he let it go at that, without pursuing it further.

We Creators will not let it go at that. We will pursue it to its bitter end, because that same sinister power establishment which holds all the IOU's of the world is really the crux of the problem. We do not owe these huge sums to "ourselves." We and the rest of the world owe all these trillions to the Federal Reserve Board, a sinister cabal of international Jewish bankers, or more accurately described as a criminal gang of counterfeiters, so powerful the government printing presses now print "our" money for them for nothing more than the price of the paper and the green ink. (Read again, C.C. No. 40 in the White Man's Bible "The Brutal Truth about Inflation and Financial Enslavement. The Federal Reserve Board — The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in the World.") But you will never find the Birch Society exposing the nefarious Jewish gang of counterfeiters.

The United States is not by any means alone. Every country in the world is now in hock up to their eyebrows. Mexico, Argentina, England, Spain, you name it. There is not a single country that is not. And to whom do they all owe their life's blood? To this same gang of international Jewish counterfeiters, who although the U.S. Federal Reserve Board is the central aegis, its tentacles extend to every country in the world. In England, this same gang of Jews owns the Bank of England and has for nearly three hundred years. In Germany, it is the Reichsbank, and so on down the line, to where they own, control and manipulate every "central" banking system in the world.

But let us get back again as to how the U.S. government (really the Jewish Occupational Government, JOG for short) is taxing the hell out of the productive White American taxpayer and squandering and proliferating it to subsidize the scum and freeloaders of the world.


Let us now look a the 1986 budget and see what JOG is committed to spend in the major categories that it has so assiduously planned. When we do so, let us remember some cardinal rules of what JOG is determined to do, and they are these:

1. It wants to destroy America, and reduce it down to the lowest common denominator of all the mud countries of the world, such as Mexico, India, Korea, Japan and dozens of others. It wants to reduce the whole world to a horde of hungry coolies.

2. The prime target for destruction la the middle class White family of America. JOG wants to especially destroy every self-supporting independent entrepreneur and make every individual a whimpering dependent on government handouts. Why? Because this is the road to total control and total slavery. Every goy a coolie, every Jew a king.

3. The overall target for destruction is the White Race itself, not only in the U.S.A. but throughout the world. The best way to accomplish these goals is to "take it from the thrifty and give it to the shifty." (Part of my Florida Senatorial campaign slogan in 1966.) In other words, tax the hell out of the creative productive workers and producers (mostly White) and transfer the largesse to the freeloaders, the scum and the shiftless (mostly mud races). The means through which this is done is by what used to be called Welfare. JOG, of course, has now upgraded and devised a more sophisticated name for it. 'Welfare is now called "Human Resources."

1. Welfare in the U.S.A.

The total (estimated) budget for 1986 is $979.928 billion dollars. Of this "Human Resources" takes the biggest bite, namely, $479.765 billion, or 49.0 percent. Again to see how far down the road we are, let us compare this to what it was only 20 years ago. It was then $43.257 billion, or less than one-tenth of what it is today. Of this, $68.661 billion goes to Medicare, which 20 years ago (1966) was only $64 million, in other words less than one-thousandth of what it is today. Social Security has leaped from $20.694 billion in 1966 to $200.053 billion in 1986, a tenfold increase. Health services (other than Medicare) have jumped from $2.543 billion to $35.669 billion in the same 20 years, a 14 fold increase.

As far as "Welfare" is concerned, we must remember that the Federal Government's assistance (expenditures) are by no means the sum total "taken from the thrifty and given to the shifty." The states, the counties, and the cities, too, each have a multitude of programs of their own.

These go down the line — health, education, welfare, aid to dependent children, and a plethora of others. Some are grants- in-aid, collaborating with the Federal government, some are additional and independent. The main recipients are the niggers, as any one can observe if they watch the comings and goings at any county welfare agency.

From the foregoing, it is easy to see we will soon all be under the umbrella of good old Uncle Sam, and none of us will need to work any longer and we will all have our corn dished out to us. Or will we? (Read again, C.C. No. 41 in the White Man's Bible, "The Jewish Program for the Mongrelization of the White Race.")

2. The Defense Budget.

The second largest item in the 1986 budget is Defense, so-called. That awesome figure is $265.827 billion, approximately double what it was only five years ago ($157.513 billion) and 457 percent greater than it was in 1966.

Now this is an astronomical figure, a tremendous rip-off on the American taxpayer. We would conclude that (a) we must have a formidable enemy against which we are now well prepared to defend ourselves, and (b) that we had the best and the most powerful defense system in the world.

Unfortunately, the answers to both these suppositions is negative. The PRESUMED enemy, of course, is Russia, but the actual fact is the United States and Russia are buddy-buddy, are as much in cahoots as when they combined to fight Nazi Germany in World War II, and as they have been since 1917, when Jewish communism took over Czarist Russia. The fact is both Russia and the United States are today both controlled by the Jewish power network. (Read again, C.C. No. 40 "Russia, Israel and the United States" in the White Man's Bible.) The facts of history are these:
(a) the Jews in the United States combined with the conspiratorial terrorists of Russia to put the communists in power in Russia in 1917. So corrupt and sleazy has been the Jewish communist regime in Russia that it would have broken down any number of times if the United States had not repeatedly bailed it out financially, and if it had not saved its neck militarily in 1941-45. The fact further is that the wealth, prestige and power of the United States government has been more effective in advancing the communist takeovers in two-thirds of the world since 1945 than has Russia itself. Again, all this at the expense of the ripped-off White American taxpayer.

But why, you may ask, do we need to spend such tremendous sums on armaments if Russia is not really our enemy?

The answers are several, (a) Defense contracts are a beautiful sweetheart arrangement between the Jews in our government doling out defense contracts to the Jews in the military-industrial complex who are at the receiving end. With charges of $700.00 for a hammer, and $100.00 for a nut and bolt, the opportunities for the Jews to rip-off the taxpayer and make a killing are unbounded,
(b) The United States military forces are completely at the disposal of Israel for aggressive military expansion, and no cost is spared when Israel needs them. If tanks need to be flown in by air mail, the U.S. Defense Department is instantly ready and has done so on several occasions in the past.
 (c) It provides a strong-arm force against such countries as Germany, should Nazism and/or any other form of anti-Jewish hostility raise its ugly head in any country (such as Palestine or Libya, for example).

The much maligned and looted American taxpayer is not paying for the defense of his country. It is not his country at all. It belongs to JOG, to the niggers, and all the alien freeloaders of the world. This ever patient patsy is instead paying for (a) the defense and expansion of Israel and (b) the advance of worldwide Jewish communism, (c) the proliferation and expansion of the mud races.

I ask you, my dear White Racial Comrades, how long are you going to stand for such an outrage? Why not join the Church of the Creator, use your money for your own best interests, and get the goddamned Jews off your back. Join with us in a White Racial Holy War! Rahowa!

We said earlier that the U.S. national debt now stood at more than two trillion dollars, a fantastic sum, an astronomical figure. But this is not just a bookkeeping figure — it is very real and we do not "owe it to ourselves." We (JOG) owe it to the Federal Reserve, which as we also noted earlier is an international gang of Jewish counterfeiters, who have finagled us into a debtor's prison by shifty conniving and tricky paper shuffling. Paying the interest on this mind- boggling debt is now the third largest expense in the Federal budget.

It is the fastest growing of all the last increasing Federal expenditures. For 1986 that figure is $142.740 billion, which is $42.74 billion dollars more than our total Federal budget was during President Lyndon Johnson's regime. To show how fast this "interest service" (isn't that a cute name?) is growing we need only note that it was merely (!) $9.386 billion dollars in 1966, only 20 years ago.
That, my dear friend, is an increase of 1,520.8 percent in 20 years. At that rate, would you care to project it for the next 20 years? Well, my little computer tells me it would amount to two trillion, 169 billion dollars, (this is 2,169,000,000,000.00), more than twice what our whole national budget is today, and this is for interest alone. How do you like that, patsy? What are you going to do about it?

We have here a built-in scam of major magnitude on a runaway slide to catastrophe that cannot and will not be stopped until the Jewish powerhouse is smashed. Rahowa!

3. Foreign Aid.

One of the most insane, most revolting and most devastating programs that "our" Jewish Occupational Government (JOG) has inflicted upon us was started when the Truman regime instituted the Marshall Plan. Initially it was ballyhooed as a wonderful idea by means of which we would "contain communism." (Remember, not destroy communism, only "contain" it.) The theory sold to the world's favorite patsy, the White American taxpayer, went something like this:

Communism is a virulent, powerful force set loose upon the vulnerable, shattered post-war world. It is a sinister force threatening to gobble up one country after another, just as they already had done in Eastern Europe (Poland, Rumania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and a host of others). Therefore - bright idea - let us rapidly supply vast amounts of financial aid to all the remaining "neutral" countries of the world, let us prop up their shattered economies, let us buy their friendship, and "wean" them away from communism, our most formidable enemy. The supposition was that, of course, every country would just be tickled to death to go communist, unless, of course, we could bribe them away with huge amounts of money. American taxpayer's money, endlessly, year after year.

That was the official scam and so the Marshall Plan was launched. Henry Wallace, a sometime vice-president of the times, suggested that we share our wealth with the "have-nots," with the "less fortunate" (shades of the Sermon on the Mount) now "emerging" "Third World" countries, and that in the next several years we commit ourselves to giving away 50 billion dollars of the American taxpayer's money.

And so the Marshall Plan was launched. It was named after that communist stooge George C. Marshall, our Secretary of Defense during World War II. The clincher in the argument was that it would be cheaper to give all this money away peacefully than to eventually have to go to war against Russia.

That was the sales pitch in a nutshell. Our favorite patsy, the White American taxpayer, although nonplussed and confused, reluctantly bought it. He never really had much of a choice. JOG never gave him a decent chance to make an issue of it, or to vote on it.

Anyone having a grasp of history and the world events that preceded the Marshall Plan and also the consequences that have en- sued since its inauguration, would find that argument fatally flawed. In fact, it is the most deceptive seam and the most suicidal course (for the White Race) we could have followed since Saul of Tarsus sold Christianity to the Romans.

Here are some of the realities that preceded it and some of the consequences that followed it.

1. If the United States government really believed that communism was a dire threat to the world and/or our own national security, they could have had it handily eliminated without spending a dime. Germany's heroic armies in 1941 stood at the gates of Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad, and would readily have wiped this Jewish menace from the face of the earth had not the United States (read JOG) Intervened. The vociferousness with which the United States (JOG) launched a pro-Russian and anti-German propaganda campaign during the 1930's and the vicious and brutal battle they waged to destroy Germany and save Communist Russia in 1941-45, tells the real story of where United States (read JOG) sympathies really lay then, and lie today.

2. Even after Germany was smashed in 1945 and when Russia was weak and tottering, the United States army, then the most formidable military force in the world, could easily have marched on Moscow and cleaned up the job, as General George S. Ration suggested we should. It would then have been comparative child's play.

Did we do that? Hell no! Instead "we" (JOG), even before the war was over, sent 13 billion dollars worth of civilian goods (tractors, refrigerators, etc.) to communist Russia to help rebuild communism and get it back on its feet, lest it collapse and the Russian people get the communist Jews off their backs of their own accord.

3. Since the inauguration of the Marshall Plan and the proliferation of a multitude of "Foreign Aid" programs that followed it, communism has by no means been contained. It has advanced rapidly, and in every instance the hand of the United States (JOG) has been instrumental in inflicting it upon each of its hapless victims.

Since I have already explained in more detail how the United States, in cahoots with Russia, has enslaved most of the peoples of the world, I need not repeat it here. Suffice it to say that the major country George Marshall personally helped turn over to the communist monster was China, in 1949, then and today, the most populous country in the world. There were a number of other such victims before China, and even more since. The latest series of capers the United States (JOG) is engaged in is turning Central America over to the communist behemoth.

The role Foreign Aid plays in so doing is this: First of all we offer a prospective victim aid - free, and who is there in the world that will not accept the offer of a free handout? Like the wild hogs that were to be fenced, they will always take the bait. The second step is to get our army of CIA agents into the country, to offer them "free" advice, technical, military and otherwise. Once entrenched, the more cunning and affluent CIA begins to manipulate the nerve centers of the foreign government they have now infiltrated (Jewish interests predominating.) Usually the aim is not to direct, but misdirect the government to commit as many stupid and inflammatory acts as possible against the people, so there is greater hostility between it and the people. At the same time the CIA, loaded with United States money and techniques, covertly begins to organize and supply underground revolutionaries and create anarchy. The next step is to topple the government and install a communist
government in its place.

The record since World War II shows that in every country that had an anti-communist, pro-American government in its place, the United States (JOG) would undermine it, then torpedo it, then install a pro-communist dictatorship. Examples: Pro-American General Chiang Kaishek replaced by communist Mao-Tse-tung in China. Pro- American Fulgencio Batista replaced by communist Fidel Castro in Cuba. In Nicaragua, pro-American Anastasia Somosza replaced by a series of communist dictators. The irony in this situation is that the CIA replaced Somosza with the Sandinistas, and today Reagan is screaming to high heaven that we (taxpayers) hand the Contras (also communists) a cool 100 million dollars to "help" oust the Sandinistas. Did you ever hear of anything more insane?

And so it goes, country after country after country. Since this is not the main topic of this article, I cannot give a more complete history of this abject betrayal, but merely delineate the sleazy and deceptive format by which it is being done.

So how much money have we spent on Foreign Aid since the Marshall Plan began this gigantic boondoggle? It is hard to tell, since it is disguised in many different forms and ruses. Dr. Martin Larson estimates that aid to Israel alone (our number one "ally"! - of course) has had the benefit of more than 50 billion dollars of taxpayer's money. What has Israel done for us? Well, although it badly damaged it, it didn't quite sink our billion dollar intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, in 1967. Of course, it did kill 34 of our American crew and wounded 171 others, but we
can overlook that, can't we?

When we consider that we are annually doling out free aid to 126 countries (more or less), of just how much money have the American taxpayers been bilked since 1947? Again, I can't say, but it will run into the hundreds of billions, I am sure. And what have we received in return? Well, communism has spread rapidly and is on the verge of taking over all the remaining countries, including the United States. Thanks to our help, the mud peoples of the world have exploded like a horde of rats and threaten to engulf what is left of a shrinking White Race. There are a host of other goodies that JOG has bought for us, but the above will do for the near future. So there you have it, you gullible patsy. I ask you, my White Racial Comrades, how much longer are you going to stand for this Jewish rip-off and

There are several other nasty aspects and treacherous consequences resulting from Foreign Aid, as there inevitably are from any form of subsidization. The most obvious consequence, of course, is the fact that it bleeds the working White American taxpayer dry, and leaves him looted and impoverished. But there are several other ramifications.

1. It has expanded the mud races in a runaway population explosion which soon threatens to strangle and/or engulf the shrinking White population in a sea of mud.

2. It proliferates graft, corruption and crime, both here and abroad. Most of the money that is sent to these "Third World" countries goes directly to the corrupt and/or criminal dictatorships that "govern" their Stone-age inhabitants. Most of the money is pocketed by these thieves and never reaches the ever-hungry masses.

I'm sure that United States taxpayer money was the source o{ most of Ferdinand Marcos' (estimated five to ten billion) stolen loot, and, also of the former dictator "Baby Doc" Duvalier, who is estimated to have stolen 100 to 500 million for himself. Where was the easiest source of such vast sums of stolen loot? United States taxpayer's money, of course, in the form of "Foreign Aid."

3. A secondary spin-off of the above, I am sure, are huge concealed kick-backs to JOG officials in Washington, who arranged for such "aid," and decide to whom it goes.

4. As in all cases of subsidization (a tactic Nature frowns upon, except in raising its young) the recipient nations of such hand-outs soon become professional freeloaders and allow their economic structure to collapse, since it is easier to obtain all these goodies by merely begging and/or blackmailing from such a magnanimous dispenser of charity as is Uncle Sam. So why bother to work? Many countries such as Egypt, Israel, Haiti and dozens of others would collapse in a few months if the hand-outs should stop. After much turmoil, starvation and shake-out, they would then shrink back again to a much smaller, but self-sustaining population level. Foreign Aid must always, and inevitably does, lead to the next major consequence:

4. Foreign Entanglements — Foreign Wars

Since JOG managed to smash Nazi Germany in World War II some 40 years ago, there has been, on a worldwide scale, warfare, revolution and turmoil. At any one time there are approximately 40 wars going on, major and minor. The United States is usually directly or indirectly involved in approximately three-quarters of these wars. When traced, we will find that somehow JOG'S CIA instigated practically all of them, if we lump Israel in the same camp with JOG.

Some of these wars, like Korea and Vietnam have been devastatingly expensive for the United States taxpayer, and all of them have been a no-win for the United States, but spelled victory for the communists. In any case, the United States has stuck its nose into the business and government of every people in the world, has tried to manipulate their
governments and life-style, and wherever possible, thrown it into turmoil and confusion. It acts as though it had been anointed from on high to play both policeman and Santa Claus to every country in the world. All this highhanded maneuvering goes on abroad, although the U.S.'s own economy is tottering, the farmers are going bankrupt and being dispossessed, its steel mills, its textile mills, Its manufacturing plants, are going bankrupt, and the U.S. government debt exceeds that of all the other countries of the world combined.

5. United Nations.

The American taxpayer subsidizes more than 25 percent of the cost of this alien nest of vipers. What has the U. N. done for the United States? Nothing, except act as a platform on which every thug in the world can get up on his hind legs and denounce their host country - the U.S.A. But it has done much more damage than that. Because all of these alien thieves and criminals that are running loose are accredited with "diplomatic immunity" it has served as one of the world's most ideal centers to carry on espionage, terrorism, sabotage and mayhem on our soil, all with blessed immunity and impunity. So why do we have it? Because JOG knows it is another expensive, but effective means of sabotaging the United States.

6. The Peace Corps.

Started during the Kennedy regime, the Peace Corps is now a quarter of a century old. It is another tremendously expensive boondoggle in which JOG helps drain this country of resources, wastes the best years of our volunteers young lives in some stinking foreign country teaching some niggers how to live and produce like a White man. It is an impossible and pointless task, and a complete waste of our money and young talent.

7. Thousands of other Programs and Boondoggles.

The list is too long to catalogue, so I will only list a few more expensive, useless, counterproductive programs that JOG has dream- ed up in order to drain the White American taxpayers of their money and substance. Some of these are: the National Cancer Institute, not really looking for a cure, but spending about a billion dollars a year; Community Action Programs, a perfect set-up for niggers and Mexicans to steal and pocket taxpayers money; a vast network of prisons and penitentiaries, where murderers and criminals who should have been executed in the first place get free room and board for the rest of their days at a cost of approximately $100.00 per day to the taxpayers; The Space Program, on which we have spent approximately 150 billion dollars of the taxpayer's money since its inception. And for what? Absolutely nothing except to further squander the taxpayer's money. (Read again. Racial Loyalty No. 33, "Planet Earth — Our One and Only Home. ") For less than this sum we could have comfortably shipped all the U.S. niggers back to Africa in style.


There are thousands more, and the list is endless. The evidence is overwhelming that the working White American taxpayer has been ripped off on a scale never before encountered in history, as if he were an unending goldmine. The most amazing aspect of this whole phenomena is the patience and submissiveness with which the White Man has endured all this thievery, especially over the last 40 years.

The strong-arm goon squad that JOG has employed to threaten, cajole and loot all this wealth from the productive worker is the Jewish IRS (Internal Revenue Service). It, the Federal Reserve and JOG work together in a perfect three-cornered combination to loot, steal, and strip the working man of his means and substance.

The basic goal is to destroy the productive and independent White family man. At the same time, no expense is spared to subsidize and support the shiftless niggers, spies and mud races so that they will breed, multiply like rats and proliferate the White Man's territory and crowd him out.

This process is expanding and growing exponentially, as we have shown repeatedly, both by statistics and by programs. It will continue to do so until every inhabitant becomes a drone, a shameless freeloading bum. Once the Jews have every one homogenized into this category, then comes the next sinister stage - hard-line tyranny and coolie type of slavery.
But by that time the White Man will have been exterminated.

So I say to you, my White Racial Comrades, unite, join together and help us build a mighty and massive steamroller. Let us get the Jewish tyrant off our backs. How much longer are you willing to play the world's favorite patsy?

Join with the Church of the Creator and be a submissive patsy no more. Stop helping finance your own destruction and enslavement.


It is time for the productive White American Taxpayer to bluntly tell the Jewish parasites: Enough! Get off my back! The most astounding phenomena about the White American Taxpayer is the subservient docility with which he is submitting to this piratical outrage.

*Groundless presumptions should not be confused with substantiated facts.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator


                                      Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 35
                                                        May 13AC (1986)   
                                              THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT



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