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Rev Matt Hale Interviewed by Curt Beasley June 2016

Curt Beasley: Could you talk a bit about the term you coined, "Racial Loyalist," and explain why this is more appropriate than older terms like "White Nationalist" that have been used in pro-White circles for decades?

Matthew Hale: Actually it was Ben Klassen, the Founder of our Church of the Creator in 1973, who first realized in his wisdom that the true issue facing our White people is whether they are going to be loyal to their White Race or traitors to that race in its fight for survival, and that it is our task as Racial Loyalists to inculcate a sense of loyalty in our people before it's too late. Loyalty is what our cause is all about and thus it behooves us to use a term that reflects that fact. Loyalty is the foundation of everything that we believe in and fight for as far as our White Race is concerned. Furthermore, it has an extremely positive connotation in the minds of the masses whom we must win, unlike "nationalism". So-called "White Nationalism" is merely a reflection of the loyalty that we all possess, if you think about it, and therefore it is an inferior way to describe what our cause is truly about at its root level. In any event, my new book The Racial Loyalist Manifesto explains further why Racial Loyalist is the proper description for our cause and always has been. By the time the reader has finished the book, he will be convinced that that is so!

CB: There are thinkers within this movement that, as far back as the 1970s, have basically said that this country is gone and it's never coming back. That this country isn't ours anymore and we need to get that through our head and start looking ahead to a White ethnostate elsewhere. Although you do have a chapter in your book Ending White Slavery devoted to the idea of the ethnostate, one also gets the impression from your writing that you have less of a defeatist attitude about America's changing demographics than others in the movement. For you, is America too far gone or do we still have time left to fix her?

MH: It is true that I have less of a defeatist attitude than other people but we have to be clear about what I have less of a defeatist attitude about. As I make clear in my first book, Ending White Slavery, the issue is not our "country" but rather our race and it is long past due that we quit talking about "saving America" or wherever and talk about saving our White Race instead. The America that we knew is indeed gone but our White Race is not and that's what people need to keep in mind. We need to quit talking about "restoring the Constitution", waving the American flag, and other such reactionary gibberish. Instead, we must win the masses of our people to the cause of Racial Loyalty through mass activism the likes of which we simply have never seen, and break the current political order of things apart. Read The Racial Loyalist Manifesto for more on this. We can still save our race and that's what matters. That is up to us and nobody else.

CB: In The White Man's Bible, Ben Klassen underscores the anomaly of Christianity's suicidal teachings only having an effect on the White Race and how non-Whites who are Christians are strangely immune to universalist compassion, pathological altruism, etc. He seems to be saying that this is some kind of biological defect in Whites. Could you comment on that?

MH: What has happened is that the high level of idealism that typifies the White Race has been turned against it, with disastrous results. The only solution therefore is for us to make idealism work for it instead and that is what Ben Klassen did for us in founding the Creativity religion. The non-whites are less susceptible to suicidal teachings because they are less susceptible to ideals in general; after all, they are less human than we are. I don't think Ben Klassen is saying that we have a biological defect. I think he is saying that our unique biology has been turned against us and that is the problem. I talk more about this in my third book, currently in progress.

CB: There is a powerful and well-funded gun lobby in this country that we could call implicitly White. Virtually all donations come from Whites. Membership is virtually entirely White. There are also other political action committees that indirectly forward White interests, although these are the business interests of White men rather than racial interests. These groups have huge money in their coffers and the best attack dog lawyers to safeguard their interests.  Why do you think there hasn't emerged a White lobby-a "EuroPAC" type of group that is there soley to guard the interests of European Americans?

MH: Quite simply, White people have been suckered out of caring about their own best interests as a race. Indeed, as I talk about in Ending White Slavery, White people consider the word White to be a bad word! It is little wonder then why no White PAC has formed. We have been psychologically browbeaten to believe that White people have no interests that are worth protecting; indeed, that it would be "hateful" to do so. That is the sickness of our times.

CB: What is your opinion of Donald Trump?

MH: Donald Trump was doing things extremely well in his bid for the Republican nomination for the presidency and I could not help but respect his political sagacity accordingly. Now, however, that sagacity seems to have disappeared. I don't think much of the man but I am quite keen on us as Racial Loyalists taking advantage of the chaos in the political order of things that he represents and has caused! The man does not matter; what matters is the White resentment he has evoked! I also must say that I take a certain amount of satisfaction in the fact that I predicted as early as July of last year that Trump would be the next president of the United States and that my prediction seems to be coming true.

CB: When reading a book like Arthur Kemp's March of The Titans, one realizes that Whites have been in this predicament many times in the past but somehow we always got out of this mess. One major factor of contention today obviously is technology. There is concern among Racial Loyalists that all of the Israeli spy firms and police state infrastructure and surveilance and hate speech laws and world government will prove too much of an advantage to our enemies this time around. What would you say to people with this kind of attitude?

MH: The bottom line is that we Racial Loyalists have yet to really fight and so it is little wonder why our cause has failed thus far. I talk about this in great length in The Racial Loyalist Manifesto. We have not put forth the effort that the situation requires. None of the facets of Jewish power that you mention would mean anything if we were out in the streets, in public, promoting our cause on a constant basis instead of talking to ourselves on the internet which is pretty much a waste of time. So, the people who are afraid that we might lose have things a little bit backwards: it is not that the Jews have the power to defeat us that is the problem but rather that our cause itself is doing very little to wake up the White masses to the cause of their own racial preservation. I personally believe that the advent of the internet is one of the worst things to happen to our cause because it has removed us from the fight for the hearts and minds of our people in the streets. Therefore, we either turn off our computers on a regular basis and go back to those streets or our race is finished. That's the way I see it.

CB: If you could sit down and have a conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

MH: Adolf Hitler

CB: Not unlike Adolf Hitler, many wild rumors and unsubstantiated claims are routinely made about two other infamous White men-Aleister Crowley and Albert Pike. You have read so much and done so much research, I was wondering if you have researched either of them and, if so, what is your opinion?

MH: I unfortunately do not know anything about these two men. Thus I have no opinion on them.

CB: There is a video floating around Youtube of you absolutely ripping on violin. Who are some of your favorite classical composers?

MH: Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brahms, Dvorak, Schumann, Sibelius, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Bruckner, Wagner, J.S. Bach, Richard Strauss.

CB: Outside of works like Mein Kampf, the Creativity books, etc, what are some books, possibly written by authors who were not racialist in their thinking, that you've read that shaped your worldview that people might be surprised by?

MH: The World as Will and Representation by Arthur Schopenhauer;  Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche; On the Freedom of the Will by Schopenhauer.

CB: In 1923 the German mystic and intellectual Ernst Schertel authored the book Magic: History, Theory, Practice. Schertel, who displays some Eurocentric and even Nationalistic sensibilities in the book, personally sent a copy to Adolf Hitler that same year. Today you can buy a reproduction of the Hitler copy complete with Hitler's own annotations emboldened.  Being fully aware of Creativity's position on the supernatural, I still have to ask this question. Considering the fact that the Hitler regime were the only people in the past hundred years to have any real success against the Jew World Order, do you think there could have been more going on in that regime than just hard work, will, and German ethnocentrism?

MH: No, I do not believe in "magic," Brother, and I also have to challenge the various presumptions in your question. For one thing, the Jews had far less power back in the 1930's than today. Second, as I have indicated above, the main problem is not the Jews so much as the fact that our own adherents spend so little time trying to wake up the White masses in public. Third, the German people in the 1930's were far less psychologically and even genetically degraded than our White people in general are today. Since TV did not exist, they were spared the mind rot that our White people as a whole suffer from today. So yes, I do believe that the National Socialists came to power through non-occulist means. Hitler was a great man and a great leader and the Germans themselves were a great people. Not only could the National Socialists prevail thereby but one could argue that they should have in light of the many political, economic, and cultural factors in their favor! The difference between then and now has nothing to do with "magic", but circumstances, raw material, aggressiveness, and zeal.

CB: What is the number one thing the average awake White person can do to help fight White Genocide?

MH: Go to your local city council meetings and speak out against White Genocide when it is "open mic," emailing and faxing the news media a press release beforehand so that the media will be there. You see, most city governments, at least in the United States, allow input from the public once their regular business is conducted and there is no reason why we Racial Loyalists cannot take advantage of that fact all over the place, getting our cause on television and in the newspapers in the process.

This is thus an easy and inexpensive way to reach the masses of our White Race with our message and quite simply anybody and everybody can do it. Just imagine if hundreds, and even thousands, of local government meetings were "taken over" in this manner by Racial Loyalists on a regular basis. The controversy would be such that the news media could not and would not ignore us. Of course, there are many other things that our brethren can do to fight the genocide of our race but certainly the persuasion of the masses that our cause is just must be the focus of all of our efforts no matter their specifics. You can write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. You can call up talk radio stations. You can picket. You can do any number of other things. Just remember that winning the hearts and minds of those who today stand against us is key.

There cannot be any shirking of that duty if the preservation of our kind is to be attained, for a race that wants to die cannot be saved regardless of whatever victories that our cause might otherwise obtain. We must seize the narrative of the entire society and never let it go! Racial Loyalty is not only right and just but it is the only moral position that can be taken. We must preach that fact constantly. Just as we are loyal to our families, we are loyal to our race which is a collection of our families. We are loyal to our race because our race is ours.

CB: Please tell readers who are not familiar with your first and soon to be released second books a little about them and how they can obtain a copy.

MH: Ending White Slavery, published last year, is mainly designed with the White masses in mind though our fellow Racial Loyalists who already believe in our cause will certainly gain additional insight and enjoyment by reading it as well. The Racial Loyalist Manifesto, just published, is on the other hand designed to unite our entire movement of racially-loyal White people worldwide, to unite us in fact in one Racial Loyalist Party instead of the thousands of organizations that today exist without success and without victory. EWS breaks the chains of our people's mental slavery and thus it is for mass distribution. RLM unites our cause itself into the mighty battering ram that we need if we are to prevail against the mighty forces that are arrayed against us. People have talked about White Unity for years. Well, The Racial Loyalist Manifesto provides an actual guide and blueprint to bring that about. We need to come together now as the Racial Loyalists that we all are and fight together shoulder to shoulder as one Racial Loyalist Party until the victory is won. Otherwise I fear that we will never have the strength necessary as a movement to turn back the genocide that is being waged against our kind. You can obtain both books from Amazon.com in print and e-book versions and your local bookstores can order copies for you too from Amazon if you do not have internet access.



It is do or die for our White Race and I for one am determined to stop the "dying" from happening. I urge you then to join with me today as the Racial Loyalists that we all are in total, mass, public activism so that our people may have a future. Get your copies of Ending White Slavery and The Racial Loyalist Manifesto today and you'll see that there is a path forward for a dynamic, united, and successful pro-White movement. That is my guarantee to you and we need only seize the day to make it happen. No matter your religion, no matter your "politics", no matter your nationality, we are all White people who are loyal to the best interests of our White Race. It is high time then that we unite on that basis and give the race that we love a fighting chance. The time is now to put aside our petty differences and fight as one Party, worldwide, for the survival of our kind and the defeat of its enemies. White People Awake! Save the White Race!

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