Thursday, 30 June 2016

Rev Matt Hale.. Update on Civil Case..June 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters!

Make no mistake:  the upcoming trial for our beloved Creativity religious faith will be the most important trial regarding religion in American history.  Indeed, it is difficult to remember any other time in history when a man--whether a prisoner or not--was forced to conduct a trial in an American courtroom in an effort to stop his religious rights from being so hideously violated by the federal government of the United States, a government that claims to protect and defend religious freedom. 

If I were a black Muslim, not only would my rights not be violated but my every religious whim would be placated.  (I know, because I see it every day in prison.)  However, since I am a White man proud of my White Race and am determined to adhere to a religion that aims at its physical, as opposed to spiritual, salvation, I am denied even the most elementary consideration.  I have no doubt whatever however that regardless of whatever attempts are made at trial to smear Creativity, as well as my person, with lies, half-truths, and plain ignorance, we will prevail due to the power of our Creed, the fervency of its advocacy, and the skill of he who will be advocating it. 
I went to law school to represent others in court; little did I realize that the day would come when I would be representing all that I hold dear!  I must say that such advocacy gives me the greatest possible joy.  I can hardly wait for the chance to preach Creativity again in public as I take the witness stand and argue to the jury that our religion has the right to exist the same as any other! 

And as for the other side's "expert witness," his testimony will without doubt be successfully countered in every way.  That I guarantee.  All of the years of my oratorical silence will at long last be broken, and a torrent of words over a several day period for the greatest cause upon the face of the earth will leave our persecutors writhing and defeated in silence before all the world. 
This, then, will be no ordinary trial.  It will not be a trial about mere facts or the actions of this person or that, limited to the immediate past or the immediate present.  Rather it will be a trial that goes to the core of what matters in this world.  We Creators dare to say that WE CAN HAVE A RELIGION THAT IS BASED UPON THE REAL WORLD, not a world steeped in conjecture and fantasy. 

We say that it is to NATURE that owe our fundamental allegiance, not to a "supernatural" that people can only guess might exist.  Well soon, my Brothers and Sisters, the greatness of our Faith will be revealed to all the world and it is that fact that keeps me going when sometimes the going is tough.  As always I persevere not for me, but for you, for your children, and for their children who will come after.  Creativity is their LIFE and I am determined to save that life, for all time to come. 

For those who have not yet read the Holy Books of Creativity, I urge you to do so now.  The stakes are simply too important for you to do otherwise.  Creativity will give you the power to overcome the obstacles in your own life, just as it has me.  When you feel its power within your veins you will know that there will no going back to the uncertainty and weakness of the past.  Rather you will join with us for a new future:  a future where our kind will be happy, healthy, and heroic, forever.

The time has come for a new Faith, a new Spirit, and a new Will, and Creativity will give you all.  Begin your journey today by reading Nature's Eternal Religion, available at many sources, but hopefully available for your ripe reading at..........
THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT..HOLY BOOKS right now.  Let me know what you thought of this, our first Bible, and then go from there to read The White Man's Bible, our second Bible!  You'll be glad that you took this step.

With that I will close for now.  Let us make history together.  Let us achieve our people's salvation in this time of degradation and degeneration.  Let us save our kind.

White People Awake! 
Save the White Race!
Yours Truly For Nature's Finest!
Rev. Matt Hale

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