Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Faxed letters to Thomas Durkin / David Weisman ...By Evelyn Hutchenson

Judge Thomas Durkin

You must have padded someone's pocket to be appointed a judge. My son has suffered for over 13 years because you said YOU would represent him. You took $50,000 from his father and failed to earn a damn penny of it. How you can look into a mirror, how you can fool your own children into believing that you are a fair and just man, a caring man. You are the man that said if you had more money, you could defend Matt better. You are the man that Patrick Blegen said would not visit Matt at MCC to prepare for the case because you didn't like the conditions over there, therefore you didn't understand Matts case, failed to call one witness and refused to allow Matt to testify because as you told him, you were not prepared to do that. You JUDGE were not prepared at all.

You  JUDGE were busy buying a new house, you JUDGE  were busy getting ready for another case that would pay you more money, you JUDGE were busy getting ready for your daughter's wedding. If I ever doubted that our justice system is corrupt, seeing that you have been appointed judge, is proof of that fact!!

Now, it appears that the 2241 Matt filed because in his 2255, he wasn't aware that the jury foreman Hoffman had testified later in an unrelated trial that he had not obeyed the trial judges order not to study up on Matt, not to follow the media coverage about Matt, has been denied. YOU selected Hoffman as a juror, YOU asked him questions, YOU approved him. HOFFMAN is a gay man that had a black partner. Now, how tainted and prejudiced was that jury with Hoffman being the jury foreman?

Because you didn't understand the case, because you wanted more money, because you wouldn't go over to MCC and prepare for the case, Matt and his family suffers every day. Matt has lost his life. You are responsible! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE!

A couple of years ago, you wrote Matt that you would help him. He wanted you to sign a document admitting you didn't understand the case. YOU THEN REFUSED TO SIGN ANYTHING TO HELP MATT. YOU  didn't want anyone to know how you failed to represent Matt. Matt has said that hiring you has cost him his life. I am sure that knowing that you didn't defend Matt, that you stood before the jury and said terrible things about Matt (an attorney that tells the jury that he doesn't like his own client) is ignorant. It appears that your real interest in a courtroom is that artists draw your alcoholic ridden face.

In your years of being an attorney, I researched and found that you won few cases. Maybe you failed to prepare for those cases, also. If you believe in heaven and hell, you KNOW where you will be when the time comes.

Since you, being appointed judge, has convinced me that the justice system is bought and paid for, find a way to release my son. You know he did not commit any crime and your "Ineffective Assistance of Council" helped put him in prison for 40 years.


M. David Weisman

Well, I just read that you are a Magistrate Judge. I also read that your daughter said you are a caring, fair man. Mr. Weisman, your daughter doesn't know her father.

You have destroyed Matthew Hale and his family. Matt was in solitary confinement for over 11 years for a crime he never committed. He is now in medium security at FCI Terre haute, IN. where he is being housed with real criminals. You and the FBI worked really well together to imprison an innocent man. You know Matt committed no crime, you wanted a feather in your cap and you who is according to your daughter, are a decent honorable man. Your daughter doesn't really know her father.

You might be a good attorney now but you had help in getting a conviction in Matt's case. You presented no evidence at trial that Matt had committed any crime. The help you received is from Thomas Durkin that wasn't prepared, didn't understand the case, called no witnesses and refused to allow Matt to testify because he said he wasn't prepared to do that. Thomas Durkin decided that Matt didn't need to be present for 48 % of jury selection and he approved Hoffman who is gay man that had a black partner.  So, you didn't win that case. Thomas Durkin won that case for you!!

As the verdict was read, I saw you sitting at that table laughing while my heart was breaking. You took a life of a man that went to college and law school because he wanted to be an attorney. The reason you worked well with the FBI in this terrible injustice is because you once were an FBI agent. So, together you did this to my son. Matt's father died in 2012, Matt wasn't allowed to attend his fathers funeral.  Just remember Thomas Durkin won that case for you. The judge allowing another mans crime to be brought into Matts trial was another injustice.

The words I remember the most are the lying words that came out of your mouth in your closing statement. You told the jury that the government has evidence that Matt told a follower to go out and injure and kill many people. That was(and you knew it), a lie! Thomas Durkin failed to object. Once again, he won the case for you. If you believe in heaven and hell, I will tell you the same thing that I told Durkin, you KNOW where you will be.

Evelyn Hutcheson

Aug 2016

Matthew F. Hale

                                    THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT

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