Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rev Matt Hale..BREED!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters!

If someone were to ask me what we need more of as a race than anything else, I would have to respond with one word,  CHILDREN, for the simple fact of the matter is that our race is not having nearly enough CHILDREN and, because of that, is dying out.  In the final analysis, even the greatest race on earth will still perish in its competition with its inferiors if it fails in the most basic duty of all of any race: the replenishing of its stock. 

That, of course, is the situation that our White Race finds itself in today.  WHITE WOMEN ARE NOT HAVING BABIES.  WHITE MEN ARE NOT IMPREGNATING WHITE WOMEN.  WHITE FAMILIES ARE NOT BEING ESTABLISHED.  Yes, that may seem a crass way of putting it but is it not true nonetheless?  And, most importantly, what are we going to do about this problem?  Problems are meant to be SOLVED, not tossed around on a plate like those foods which we don't want to eat.  So, it behooves to work towards the solution the problem of our non-generation of our kind without wasting any more time!

This is a subject that is not spoken of nearly enough in our movement, apparently for fear of causing offense.  Well, we had better start talking about it regardless of any feelings on the matter and, what's more, start doing our own part in our own lives to turn "the birth dearth" of our White Race around.  As the Founder of our Church of the Creator Ben Klassen said, getting married and raising a family is quite simply the most important thing that you could possibly do for your White Race.

After all, long after all memories of your own life have faded, your descendants will live on into the limitless future!  For my part, my own biggest regret from the time when I was a free person--at this time anyway, since I am still imprisoned on a forty year sentence for no crime--is that I myself was so busy in my activism for our great cause that I failed to do my own part to "populate the world with my own kind," as our Creativity religious doctrine would say. 

So, when I study the fact that our White Race is simply not replenishing itself and is dying out before our eyes accordingly, I am moved to write all of you at this juncture and urge you--my comrades who are free, unlike me!--to find a suitable mate without any further ado and do your duty for the future of your White Race.  Invest the necessary time, effort, and money in establishing your FAMILY because nothing, simply nothing, could be more important than that.  Have as many children as possible, the financial burden be damned.  Do not accept the liberal democratic propaganda that it is more important that you have cash than a child for your race!  And yes, sire and bear children within the bonds of holy matrimony for that is the better way.

I cannot tell you how many "single White males" I hear from but the great majority of my correspondents no doubt fall into that category.  Many of those White brethren have even given up on finding a suitable mate altogether.  That though is a mistake.  You simply have to try harder and NOT give up.  Remember:  if our White Race doesn't BREED, it is DOOMED.  It won't matter how great our cause is or what our particular merits were as individual White men.  Rather, our race will be submerged and destroyed in the simian cesspool and everything that our race will have accomplished in its history will have been forgotten.  It is more important that you make the effort to find a wife and sire children than it is that you write me a letter.  It is more important that you populate the world with your own kind than it is that you start a new website.  Again, take the time, effort, and money to give back to your White Race in the most important way that you can:  new sons and daughters for the future of your kind!  Your race will one day thank you if you do.

Racial LIFE has to matter more than anything else and the pursuit of that racial life is a full time job more important than any other.  We must rebuild the shrinking numbers of our people, and as Racial Loyalists, we must set the example.  BABIES is where it's at.  Yes, our wives should be barefoot and pregnant!  Yes, a woman's highest honor is the bearing of White children, not "breaking glass ceilings" and other such tripe!   Yes, we are in a race for our very survival and must win that race! 

So, I am raising this issue and I hope that my words will not be in vain.  We must defy the mores of the present society and get back to brass tacks:  breeding our White Race so that it will survive, not die.  
Yours Truly For Our Folk!
Rev. Matt Hale
Aug 43AC (2016)


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