Monday, 22 August 2016

The Holy Trinity...By Ben Klassen



Don't Worship It. Instead, Become One.

A Meaningful Program for putting Muscle into the White Racial Movement.

While professing to have a monotheistic religion, the Christians have their "Holy Trinity," a three-god complex, which is the central object of their worship. It consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This three-god complex represents the ultimate in power and glory, in wisdom and in idolization. Any words (supposedly) emanating from the Ups of the Holy Trinity are to be obeyed without question, and woe betide any sinner who dares to challenge the authority or the power from up on high. So intimidated are the gullible "believers" that neither the wisdom, nor the authenticity, nor even the existence of that supposedly "Almighty" power is ever questioned.

Getting back to the world of reality, we find that even without being on "Cloud Nine" and without being a believer in spooks, there Is a sort of "Holy Trinity" that pulls the strings and wields power far beyond its entitlement. This they are able to do because the general public, like the spook chasers, "believes" in them. Like the "other worldly" religions, their premises are based on fraudulent dogma, and their power rest on lies and deceit.

If you were to take a street survey to find out what three professions were regarded as the most prestigious and the most influential in our everyday life, undoubtedly the ministerial (religious) profession, the medical profession and the legal profession would rank high on the list. We are talking about the preacher, the doctor and the lawyer. These three, although highly controversial, and no necessarily loved by everyone, do carry a tremendous amount of clout in the affairs of men.

It is our objective to take a closer look at all three of these professions, callings and/or businesses, and make an incisive analysis as to how these three (whom we will designate as the "Holy Trinity") fit into the philosophical pattern of the Church of the Creator. We also want to examine their past records and see if they have honestly earned their prestige, and if they have been helpful, or detrimental to the White Race in the pursuit of their "callings."

In analyzing these professions we find that all three have much in common, and all three have been thoroughly steeped in the Jewish milieu of what they profess, in contrast, to what they actually deliver. Here are some of the many traits and characteristics they have in common.

1. All three profess to be "serving" mankind in a generous, charitable dedication to help work for the improvement of society and the common good.

(a) The preacher claims that he is engaged in the noble "calling" (from God, no less) of saving souls from hell, of improving the public morals, and helping to build a better society.

(b) The doctor professes to uphold his Hippocratic oath and help the sick and the ailing, to help them to better physical health and mental happiness.

(c) The lawyer claims to help people in legal troubles, to uphold the law and serve justice, and to protect the individual's constitutional and civil rights.

The fact is all three are crassly mercenary, selling deceit and double-talk. Their main interest is taking in money and ripping off the public.

2. In actuality all three are a highly commercialized business, so much so, in fact, that they are a deleterious racket, intruding on the personal lives of people who "believe" in them. For this blind faith the public has in them, all three extract a heavy fee from their gullible victims.

3. All three are based on highly concocted conjectural dogma, each in their own category. This dogma is then heavily fortified with, and defended by, massive propaganda, much of it for more than two thousand years. Each will not only vociferously defend their dogma, but will brook no opposition. In the case of the doctors and the lawyers, they have gone further, and formed tightly knit unions, a closed shop, as it were, and will viciously attack either by ostracism, legal actions, deprivation of license, and/or other penalties to keep any outsiders from cutting into their racket.

The Catholic Church, during the Dark Ages, had the tightest "closed shop" of all. It not only used ostracism and excommunication against those recalcitrant members who would not toe the official line of their current dogma, but used the ultimate in terror to enforce its creed. The thumbscrew and the rack, burning at the stake, and other such gentle means of persuasion were the order of the day.

Whereas today's fractured churches no longer have the supreme monopoly on using force and terror, nevertheless, ostracism and excommunication are still used very effectively by the Catholics, the Mormons and several other Christian cults.

4. All three of these rackets cut deeply into the private life of each citizen, and all three owe their basic attitude, their long-standing dogma to the treacherous influence of the Jewish power structure.

5. Furthermore, the medical and legal professions are heavily staffed by Jews. The percentage of Jewish doctors and and Jewish lawyers far exceeds that which their percentage of the total population would warrant. But more than that, the control of the American Medical Association (AMA) at the top, whether on the local, state, or national level, is overwhelmingly Jewish. The same thing is true with the legal profession.

The predominance of Jewish judges, the Bar Association's control of lawyer's guilds, of legal publications, all are heavily staffed with Jews, Jews and more Jews. In the case of Christian preachers, the Jews, of course, cannot openly be a Christian preacher and a Jew at the same time. Nevertheless, the Jews wrote the Christian bible and told the Christian preachers to go out into the world and peddle the idea that the Jews, and the Jews only,
were God's Chosen. This the Christian idiots have been doing faithfully for nearly two thousand years. Furthermore, through such organizations as the National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, the Conference of Christians and Jews, and hundreds of other "Christian" organizations the Jews lay a heavy hand on the doctrinal teaching of the goyim, all of which leads to the worship of the Jews and the Jewish
Yahweh, and the glorification of modern day Israel, today's foremost parasite.

Also the publication of most of the Christian literature, such as model sermons, monthly publications, or whatever, is in the hands of the Jews. This is true whether it be the bible thumping Baptists, or the Presbyterians, or the Episcopalians, or the Mormons, or even the Mennonites. Back of it all is the hidden hand of the Jew.

6. All three professions are based on deceptive dogmas, on blatant lies. They are based on the con-artist's approach of "TRUST ME," never mind the evidence.

7. All three professions prey on the gullibility and superstitions of mankind. They capitalize on the misery and weaknesses of the human race, not by solving their problems, but by exacerbating and compounding them, and even inventing phony problems that don't exist. A prime example of the latter is a Christian preacher convincing his gullible victim that he is going to "hell," a fictitious idea that has no basis in reality. It is, in fact, a horrendous concept invented by the Jewish scriptwriters by which they have over the centuries gained a handle on the minds of hundreds of millions of the goyim. We will have more to say about this in the following paragraphs.

8. According to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, specifically No. 6, it is the objective of the Jews to consolidate all the reins of power into fewer and fewer hands, which are, of course, Jewish hands. (See Page 217, Nature's Eternal Religion.) All three of the "Holy Trinities'' are
doing just that so that more and more centralized control can be exercised from above.

9. All three of these mercenary con-games are not financially rewarded by solving your problem as quickly and as easily as possible, even If they could. On the contrary, it is in their financial interest to exacerbate, compound and prolong your problem, imaginary or real, as long as possible, and extract the maximum fee in so doing.

In summation of these nine points, let me say this: All three professions are based on deceit, on fraudulent lies, designed to exploit the goyim, particularly the White Race. Behind them all lies the hidden hand of the perfidious Jew in his fanatic obsession to destroy the White Race and enslave the mongrelized product.

Let us examine in further detail how this is being done, and take each of the professions or "callings" one at a time.

A. The Christian Preachers.

The Christian bible, both the "Old" and the "New" Testament, were written by Jewish scribblers. The "Old" Testament was supposedly written by such characters as Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah, Ezra, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Micah, Obadiah, Solomon and a passel of other Jews, all of whose names are alien and repugnant to the Innermost essence and nature of the White Race. Furthermore, as far as authentic history is concerned, with perhaps the exception of David and Solomon, all are fictitious and unheard of. I have grave doubts that such people as Moses, Joshua, and the rest of the passel of Jewish characters that are mentioned in the Old Testament ever existed. I am convinced that they are no more authentic than the myriad of characters enumerated in the Mother Goose rhymes. In any case, fictitious or real, they are all as Jewish as Henry Kissinger.

We now come to the New Testament, the hero of which is a character named Jesus Christ, which character the bible plainly tells us was a circumcised Jew, the seed of the House of David. Authentic history has no record that such a character ever existed, and until such time as the Christians come up with some meaningful evidence, we are entitled to conclude that said character too, is fictitious, a figment of the imagination.

But, who wrote the New Testament? Supposedly the whole Christian ethic is based on the four "Gospels" — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, who (again, supposedly) were disciples of a fictitious Christ. History has no knowledge of these characters either and we can logically conclude that until such evidence surfaces (not likely at this late date) that these characters, too, are fictitious and an invention of the Jewish conspiracy. However, it was Saul of Tarsus who wrote over half of the Christian New Testament with his Pauline epistles, and there is substantial historical evidence that not only did he indeed exist, but he was the mastermind that concocted the whole Christian conspiracy in order to humiliate and destroy the great Roman Empire. (See Creative Credo No. 43, "Confessions of a Jew - The Devastating Ramifications of Paul of Tarsus and Christianity in Destroying the Roman Civilization.") This Jew and practically any Christian Minister will admit that he was a Pharisee Jew wrote more than half of the Christian New Testament. The other incidentals, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the 12 disciples of a fictitious Christ were all admittedly Jews, according to Christian literature.

I have said earlier that all three of the Holy Trinity are based on highly concocted conjectural dogma. This is especially true of the Christian "belief." This unworldly "faith" is based on the presumption that there are a flock of spirits (we call them "spooks") floating around in the
atmosphere, or above it, or somewhere. The preachers con you into believing that although no one has ever seen, heard, felt or smelt a single spirit, there is a vast world of spirits existing out there along with the real world. Not only docs it exist, they claim, but it is really much more important than the real world, because, they say, the real world will pass away, and when we die we will all turn into spirits and live forever and ever.

Now comes the real hooker, the real power play. These con-artists, known as preachers, claim that while we, the people, are alive these unseen spirits are hovering all around us, watching us, monitoring and recording not only our every word and action, but even our every silent thought. Talk about thought control in communist dictatorships! These sneaky little bastards (supposedly) hovering over and around us are evidently more efficient than the most sophisticated computer could ever be.Comes the day when we shuck our mortal coil, we, too, become a spirit, but our troubles are far from over. All these little gremlins that have been monitoring and recording our every deed, word and thought now spring into action and haul us up for trial. We are now called on the carpet to account for our every deed, word and thought that has ever transpired during our long and eventful lifetime, and woe betide those of us who failed to shape up. For those poor unfortunates (99 percent) there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth as we are tossed into the fiery pit. (Those who were toothless when they died will be provided with a set of teeth so that they can gnash.)

What percentage will be able to cut the mustard and what percentage will be gnashing in the fiery pit? Well, according to the confusing set of rules, regulations and guidelines set forth in the New Testament just about nobody will be able to shape up and just about everybody will be wailing and gnashing. (Read again, "Getting to Heaven - Mission Impossible" Page 172 of Nature's Eternal Religion.) Not a happy prospect to look toward to, and hardly the "Glad Tidings" so many preachers contend Christianity has brought to a long suffering world.

But there is hope, the preachers say. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, in conjunction with their ministrations they can get you off the hook. Just keep coming to church every Sunday and put money in the plate (lots of money) and he, in collaboration with J.C., will save your soul from the fiery pit. It is a foolproof racket, and nobody has ever come back from the "Great Beyond" to press charges and demand a refund.

One question these con-artists will never explain to you is this: Who built this fiery pit in the first place so they could torture all those billions forever and a day? Who set the goddamned booby trap?

In compliance with Jewish Protocol No. 6, the Christian power play, too, is drawing the net tighter and converging more and more power Into select and fewer and fewer hands. Whereas we have had the evangelical tent show artists, such as Billy Sunday, Elmer Gantry, Billy Graham and their ilk around for a hundred years and more, with the advent of the electronic age the scene is shifting to really big bucks on a national scale. We now have such electronic con-artists as Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Bakker who persuasively peddle the spooks in the sky racket for a financial rake-in that far exceeds that which used to be the national budget of the entire nation in the days of Calvin Coolidge.

Many of these spook peddlers rake in 50, or 60, or 70 million dollars a year, and Pat Robertson, who now feels he has the cash flow (of about $340 million a year) and the muscle, thanks to TV, has decided to run for President.

One thing every one of these con-artists have in common is this: they are all unanimously in favor of the parasitic state of Israel, they all preach that the Jews are God's Chosen, and are rarely ever attacked or even criticized by the Jewish press. Of course.

B. We now come to the Medical Profession.

The heart of their dogma is the practice of medicine. What Is medicine? Basically medicines are drugs, which are chemicals, which are inherently poisonous to the human system. Doctors claim that these poisons, if and when administered through their loving care, can and do cure different illnesses that may afflict you.

For administering these potions and poisons unto you and into you they will not only charge you a pretty penny, but an exorbitant fee, a king's ransom in fact, that is yearly rising faster than inflation or the cost of just about any other product. But then, what the hell, look at all the years and money these fellows had to expend before they could legally be qualified to practice their voodoo art.

How valid is the theory that "Medicine" and the practice thereof cure illness?

Well, if you have cancer, it will take you about three years (on the average) to die after being subjected to a frightful ordeal of cut, burn and poison. It will also cost you, or your insurance company, or your relatives, about $50 thousand (on the average) to die this gruesome way. On the other hand, if you had cancer and never went near a doctor, your chances are you would (on the average) live another thirteen years, without being subjected to the torturous cut, burn and poison ordeal.

Here are a few more statistics. Records show that 40 percent of all deaths are iatrogenic, that is, directly caused by treatment ad- ministered by doctors, or the hospital staff. One ex-doctor who has written a book about his colleagues calls hospitals "Temples of Doom."

Here are a few more indicators. When doctors have gone on strike (as they did in Canada, in Los Angeles, in Israel, and other places) it was noted that deaths declined sharply and undertakers complained loudly.

Has the general health of the people improved with the ever increasing sophistication of "medicine?" No, it has not. People in America and other advanced nations are today sicker than they have ever been. More people suffer and die from cancer, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and other systemic ailments than ever before.

How about the practitioners of medicine - the doctors themselves? Well, strangely (and not so strangely) they are on the average sicker, mentally and physically, than the victims they treat. More of them commit suicide, more are addicted to drugs, more die of heart attacks, cancer and other systemic diseases at an earlier age than does the average individual who never goes near a doctor.

A recent (1986) Harvard University survey of doctors shows that more than half of the physicians and three-quarters of the medical students had used drugs (we are talking about marijuana or cocaine) at least once for self-treatment, to get high, or to help stay awake. Over half the doctors up to age 40 have used drugs recreationally and 38 percent have continued to use drugs, mostly marijuana and cocaine, to get high with friends. Three percent of the doctors and five percent of the students reported drug addiction at some time. An additional four percent of the medical students were judged by researchers to have been at risk of abusing drugs at some point.

Dr.William McAuliffe, who directed the study which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, added this comforting sop, however: "When psychoactive drug use becomes a fad and is approved by the broad spectrum of society, just about all groups get involved."

In other words, everybody is doing it, so what the hell, what if the doctors are somewhat more drug happy than the average yokel? Does that sound reassuring to you if you were lying there on the operating table and wondering if the doctor wielding the knife was high on cocaine? Not to worry, says the good doctor, only one percent "admitted" that their drug abuse had caused them to give poor care to their patients. Does that reassure you? It does not really answer the question how many were high on drugs at the time they treated patients but did NOT admit it. How many doctors would?

I could prolong this analysis to a greater length than this article warrants, but we have already covered the subject of medicine and its errant dogma fairly thoroughly in several chapters of the White Man's Bible and in Salubrious Living, and there is no need to prolong it here.

Let me, however, point out the Jewishness of the practice and the dogma.

The medical profession is one of the costliest and most lucrative rackets now in existence, even exceeding that of peddling hard drugs, (The latter is catching up, though.) In order to keep it so, the AMA has one of the tightest closed shops since the Inquisition of the Dark Ages. Woe betide any doctor who does not ascribe to the official dogma of the AMA. Ostracism, debasement and punitive strong-arm legal action await those who will aver that drugs do not cure illness.

The AMA, heavily staffed by Jews, runs a tight ship. They are one of the most affluent and powerful lobbies in the country to make sure that they and only they will have the legal monopoly to peddle "legal" drugs and practice the art of cut, burn and poison. In true conformity with Protocol No. 6 to centralize the power into fewer (Jewish) hands, huge medical clinics and complexes have sprung up all over the country. These are run by a financial syndicate, operate strictly for profit and exclude other doctors from using their clinics, beds, or any part of their facilities. Strictly commercial, controlled at the top, and many of them operate nationwide in chains, as would any good hamburger business.

C. We now come to the third member of the Holy Trinity, the Lawyers.

Back about 400 years ago William Shakespeare already recognized the sinister influence of the legal profession and in one of his plays - King Henry VI, he had one of his characters suggest "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers," in order to remedy the situation.
But lawyers aren't all bad. They have a keen sense of loyalty and have their priorities neatly proscribed. The priorities of their loyalty run precisely in this order:

1. The first loyalty is to their pocketbook.

2. The second loyalty is to the Bar Association.

3. The third loyalty is to the bench.

4. The fourth loyalty is to their fellow colleagues.

5. The seventeenth loyalty is to their client, who pays for it all.

Of the three Holy Trinities, the legal profession is undoubtedly not only the most heavily infested with Jews, but it is also the most Jewish in its essence. They have their own set of unspoken and unwritten rules and every lawyer is keenly aware of them:

1. Never buck the Jewish establishment.

2. Never defend a White Man in his demand for his constitutional rights.

3. It is alright to do so for a Jew, a nigger or a Mexican, even a Cuban.

4. Never expose (or even question) the counterfeiting racket of the Federal Reserve.

5. Always urge the client to submit to governmental regulations and "guidelines", no matter how arbitrary or tyrannical.

6. Never sue another attorney for malpractice. (A handful of mavericks have violated that rule and have more business than they can handle.)

7. Never allow a layman to cut into their business, even though the constitution entitles him to do so.

Earlier I have stated that neither the preacher, the doctor, nor the lawyer is really interested in solving your problem, or problems, quickly or easily. If he did so he would be letting you off the hook too cheaply. When you come to them with a problem they want to capitalize on your misery to the ultimate since that is the basis of their livelihood. The best way to do so is to prolong your case as long as possible and keep you coming back indefinitely.

This is especially true of the lawyers and it raises havoc with the client, who is the victim. The client is seldom aware of the fact that when he enters the lawyer's office, the lawyer sees dollar signs in front of his face. He looks at his client as a milk cow to be milked, that he is planning to take his client to the cleaners. Seldom does the client realize this until the disastrous experience is behind him.

All my life I have tried to stay away from lawyers as much as possible (also preachers and doctors.) However, when you do bring a problem to a lawyer it has been my experience that the first thing he will do is try to scare you to death, impress upon you that you are in deep trouble, and how lucky you are that you came to him in just the nick of time.

He will then make several unnecessary moves that will compound your problem and involve you even deeper than when you first entered his office. This is especially true of divorce cases. (This observation from the cases of others. My wife and I are still married after 40 years.) He will then try to drag your case on and on, all the while impressing you with legalese mumbo-jumbo as to how professional he is, how complicated it all is, and how we need to go through endless moves and motions in order to "win" the case. He has a well rehearsed program for milking you dry.

The end result usually is that the only winner is the lawyer, who ends up with most of your assets, and chances are 50-50 that he will lose your case for you as well. Even if he "wins," you are usually no better off than before, but the lawyer is, and he couldn't care less about your situation. As I said before, his first loyalty is to his pocket book. Rev. Don Johnson, who is joining with us as our layman legal consultant, regards the average bar lawyer as a "paid legal whore."

Not only has the whole corrupt legal racket been in the hands of the Jews from time immemorial, but of late there has been an ominous escalation to bring control of the massive collection of lawyers into fewer and fewer hands, strictly in accordance with Protocol No. 6. We have all read financial articles in recent years about numerous megamergers of huge corporations in the airline business, in the oil business, in the field of banking, and many others. Not so aware, however, has the public been about the recent growth of megafirms in the field of law. The public Image of lawyers still is that of a consortium of two or three lawyers, or perhaps even a dozen. This, however, is no longer the case. Huge legal megafirms are now in, the coming Jewish vogue, and they are expanding their bases with a vengeance.

Only as recently as eight years ago, the National Law Journal conducted its first survey of the biggest law firms in the country. They found that only one firm at that time employed more than three hundred lawyers. Today there are 28 such firms that have expanded (or merged) to that size, and there are 11 of those that have more than four hundred lawyers.

In his forthcoming book "Power of Attorney: The Rise of the Giant Law Firms," author Mark Stevens says, "Ten years ago there was really no such thing as giant firms. Now there are these enormous firms that dwarf all others." Stevens defines a "megafirm" as a group of financially oriented law firms that employ more than three hundred lawyers."

You have a profession today where a lot of midsize and smaller firms are struggling for business and profitability, and the giants have twice as much work as they can handle," says Stevens. "They (the megafirms) have really cornered the market of corporate law."

The largest law firm today is Baker & McKenzie (now there is a nice Anglo-Saxon name! Would you care to bet that the overwhelming membership consists of Jews?) with 808 lawyers on its staff in 1986. Within 18 months it expects to pass the one thousand-lawyer barrier, the first firm to do so. Although it has no "main office," Baker & McKenzie has 31 offices dispersed over six continents. Big business, including the law business, is going international with a bang, and with its explosive expansion the control at the top is converging into fewer and fewer (Jewish) hands, as Protocol No. 6 has so clearly prescribed.

Gibson, Dunn and Crutcher (again, notice the Anglo cover) a 546 lawyer firm based in Los Angeles, had 115 law students working for it in its summer program this year (1986), which number in itself a short while ago would have been considered enough to staff a major law firm.

So we see from the above that the legal profession is moving progressively into that centralized state of affairs where fewer and fewer Jewish hands control more and more of the power below, as envisioned in the Protocols. We also know that behind the courts is the strong-arm police force of the whole state, the law enforcement agencies. This includes the local police, the state police, the FBI and the CIA, as well as a myriad of other special law enforcement agencies, such as BATF, and of late, we have seen the special SWAT teams in action. It is in the courts, however, that the decisions are made as to whether a murderer or a rapist is to be let off scot-free (which they often are) or whether a law abiding
White freedom fighter is to be framed and put away for the better part of his life (which also happens repeatedly). So we can safely conclude that whereas the shyster game played by the lawyers may be corrupt and chaotic, it is nevertheless extremely powerful and crucial to
our welfare and survival.

Although there are any number of other major influences, such as government, education, finances, and several others that severely affect our lives, we of the Church of the Creator zero in on these three, the Holy Trinity, as being the most important. If we, the White Race, can get a handle on these three areas we can get control o{ the government, the finances and, in fact, control of our own destiny and wrest it out of the hands of our pathological enemy, the sinister and rapacious Jew.

This we must do, and we of the Church of the Creator have a pervasive and meaningful program to do so. Welcome to the Distinguished Order of the Holy Trinity.

The Church of the Creator has a basic and far-reaching program whereby every White Racial Comrade has an opportunity to become a preacher, a doctor and a lawyer in his or her own right, and all in the same person. We must realize that despite the fact that these three major fields are now occupied by a horde of conmen and swindlers that, nevertheless, religion, the physical well-being of each White individual, and the legal protection of our interests, are of prime importance. If we, the White Race are determined to survive we must get a handle on them, we MUST get control.

This we can do and the Church of the Creator has already taken two of the major steps in order to do so. We have already instituted a basic new religion for the White Race to replace the Jewish spooks-in-the-sky swindle that hundreds of thousands of preachers have been peddling for 17 centuries. Now, by studying our Three Basic Books and the supplemental books, (which will further be expanded) any good member of our church can become an ordained minister and not only correct his or her own basic outlook on life, but also help straighten out the confused and muddled Jew concocted philosophy with which his or her fellow kinsmen have been afflicted for the better part of their lives.

In the Health and Physical Fitness area that the drug-oriented AMA doctors now dominate, we also have a far-reaching and meaningful answer. By each and every Creator practicing Salubrious Living and promoting and teaching it to others, we can destroy and replace these
odious "Temples of Doom" that now kill, injure and poison hundreds of thousands each year, and milk the general population of somewhere around three hundred billion dollars each year as well. (It will be much higher in the coming years.) We can and we must expose this nefarious cut, burn and poison racket, and educate the general public that drugs DO NOT HEAL, but on the contrary, they are toxic to the human body.

In this respect, besides our basic book. Salubrious Living, which covers the subject pretty thoroughly, and needs little further amplification, we now have a series of video tapes forthcoming that will add significantly to the health program. Mr. T. C. Fry, who is head of the Life Science Institute, is coming out with a series of 12 video tapes on the subject. You have probably read several of Mr. Fry's excellent articles under Salubrious Living in past issues of Racial Loyalty.

Let me make it clear that whereas I know Mr. Fry personally, he is not connected with the Church of the Creator in any way, but is head of a dynamic health movement based at 6600 Burleson Road, Austin, Texas 78744. He Is undoubtedly the leading proponent today in the field of Natural Hygiene, and, in my opinion the rightful heir to the late Herbert M. Shelton, who recently died at the age of 90. Mr. Shelton has probably written more significant material on Natural Hygiene than any other man in history, and we owe much to his longstanding contributions over the years.

Let me further make it clear that the teaching of Natural Hygiene and Salubrious Living are practically identical, except that Salubrious Living includes a significant chapter on Eugenics, (i.e., genetic health) a subject that, unfortunately, Natural Hygiene has ignored.

We now have the first video tape of the series of 12 being compiled by Mr. Fry and we find it to be professional and well done. It covers the subjects of (1) The 19 Elements of Health, (2) Food Combining Principles, (3) The most commonly asked questions about Natural Hygiene.

This tape is the first of the series of 12 tapes, each of which is approximately 90 minutes in length. This briefly, covers the second step, an ongoing process. We now come to the third step upon which we are embarking which is to provide our members with legal know-how in order protect themselves, their property and their racial religious activities from the onslaught of the hostile Jewish establishment. We ha become painfully aware that there is practically no lawyer that a member of the bar who is not mortally afraid of the wrath of the Jewish Establishment and will risk losing his license by defending the White racial cause. Nor will any establishment lawyer fight case for you that involves defending your civil rights based on the constitutional guarantees. This they will dismiss as "not their specialty," and in any case it would cost you $100,000.00 and you would have to take it right up to the Supreme Court, they say. For niggers Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Jews (especially Jews!) yes, no problem. But never, in any case, for a White racial freedom fighter!

Therefore we have to build a new force on the legal front, the citizen lawyer, the layman lawyer, who has the legal knowledge and expertise to fight his own case pro se, and not only his own, but who can also manage and provide expertise on another's case who lack that skill and knowledge. There are a number of such layman lawyer active now, and it is surprising (even to the bar lawyers) how often they win.

In this matter we are most fortunate in having the able assistance of Rev. Don Johnson, formerly of Houston, Texas, who has joined us and is now residing at the headquarters building of the Church of the Creator. He and his gracious wife, Bobbi, are a most welcome and significant addition to our staff.

Rev. Johnson is now planning to institute a series of law classes at our school and our church during the coming months. In any case, I am convinced that this third segment of our program, the legal action field, along with the Leadership courses for Gifted Boys that
we intend to pursue, will do much to complete a powerful, well-structured program to give the Creativity movement the muscle and the knowhow to survive and expand.

We therefore intend to build a corps of the elite which we will call the Distinguished Order of the Holy Trinity. Those who qualify will receive a Certificate of Membership. In order to qualify, you must first become an ordained minister of our church, the requirements of which are set forth in Racial Loyalty No. 10, and again on Pages 189 and 196 of Expanding Creativity.

Secondly, you must become well versed in Salubrious Living, which can be done by reading our basic text of the same name, and passing a proscribed test, the details of which are still to be formulated. Studying T.C. Fry's video tapes will also be of considerable help. Thirdly, by taking Rev. Don Johnson's law course and passing an exam at the end of it, will qualify a Creator to become a certified member of the Distinguished Order of the Holy Trinity.

That is our program. We want to build an army of qualified members. It is our passport to life, liberty and happiness and the redemption and resurrection of the White Race. So let us get to work and DO IT.

The medical profession is based on the false premise that drugs, which are chemical poisons toxic to the human body, can "cure" ailments.
By the time of the Middle Ages (The Dark Ages) the Christian church had already perfected all the basic techniques of torture, terrorism and mind-bending later to be copied by the Communists. Both are Jewish inventions.

When you ask the question: What is the alternative to Creativity? The answer is loud and clear: The dismal demise of Nature's Finest.

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of The Creator


               Article taken from Racial Loyalty # 37
                                 Nov 13AC (1986)

                                            THE CREATIVITY MOVEMENT   











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