Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Hale Persecutor (Prosecutor) Appointed Federal Magistrate Judge!

In a move that is sure to outrage anybody who cares about truth, justice, and honor in this world, M. David Weisman, the Jewish crypto-homosexual communist who prosecuted the Reverend Matt Hale, leader of the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator, on blatantly false charges that he had "solicited" the murder of a federal judge in late 2002, has been appointed a federal magistrate judge in the very courthouse where that show trial took place in 2004.

As reported by The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, Weisman has been sworn in to an eight-year term by Chief U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo.Chicago Daily Law Bulletin... Emotions run high as Judge Sworn in

It is important to understand that Weisman not only prosecuted the "case" against Reverend Hale but that he was intimately involved in the entire sickening setup that led to the charges being brought against him in the first place. He had personally instructed government agent provocateur, Tony Evola, to send Hale an unsolicited email announcing plans on Evola's part to murder the judge who was presiding over a trademark case involving his church, and then argued to the jury that, since Hale did not bother to respond to that (asinine) email, Hale wanted Evola to murder the judge!

At no time, however, did Hale ever ask, instruct, or order Evola to harm anybody and, in fact, he expressed his concerns to Evola that the law might require that he report EVOLA to the authorities for Evola's own (professed) plans to commit murder. All of this can be confirmed by reading the trial transcript at.......
FREE MATT HALE... Trial Transcripts and exhibits 

Thus Weisman was both the compiler of the supposed "evidence" against Hale as well as the prosecutor of a case based on that evidence, thus calling into question his moral character and fitness to be a judge in light of the case that he fabricated and pursued against Hale. The entire "case" against Hale was and is an outright fraud engineered by the Jew Weisman in an effort to destroy one of the most well-known critics of Jewish power in America, Reverend Matt Hale, for personal reasons and nothing more.

As a result of Weisman's actions, Hale was sent to prison on a 40 year sentence for crimes he not only did not commit but opposed. Reverend Hale challenges anyone to read the trial transcript and see for himself that he committed no crime.

From his prison cell in general population at FCI-Terre Haute, here is what Reverend Hale had to say today about the appointment of Weisman to the position of federal magistrate judge:


"I think it's typical and makes sense. After all, the federal government is full of criminals so why not add yet another criminal like Weisman to its federal bench? I'm sure he'll do great there for the federal, Jewish tyranny that presently rules over us and help consign some more innocent people to a prison cell for decades like he did me. Weisman is living proof of why anti-Semitism is on the rise all over the world, for in my particular case he prosecuted a man he knew to be innocent all along only so that a critic of the Jewish domination of our country could be silenced.

He caused enormous grief to me, my family, and my church. Well, in any case, it is my hope that Weisman will one day receive his legal comeuppance. I will be filing a misconduct complaint
against him in the near future in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals pursuant to 28 U.S.C. sec. 351 and I will certainly be suing him for money damages when the day comes that I am finally vindicated of this pathetic nonsense. Cynicism aside, David Weisman has no business ever wearing a robe of justice and it is a true indictment of the legal system of this country that it would honor such a scoundrel as him with that robe."

Rev Matt Hale
Aug 43AC (2016)


For further comment, contact Evelyn Hutcheson at (309) 699-0785 or evelynhutcheson1938@gmail.com. Reverend Hale is currently suing the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Denver District Court, case number 14-cv-00245. His latest bid for freedom was turned down by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals last month.
Rev Matt Hale..(Appeal case) Retrial Denied

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