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The Importance of the Creativity Minister

The Importance of the Creativity Minister
by Reverend Matt Hale

We Creators believe in taking stock, learning from our experience, and doing our best to see to it that errors that may have been committed in the past are not repeated if we can at all help it. As such, I address in this article what I believe has been our greatest error, our greatest failing thus far: the failure of our Creativity ministers to build their own ministries in their own communities, both past and present. I consider that failure, that lacking, to be even more damaging to our Church than my arrest and imprisonment, for had every minister maintained his own congregation at the time of my arrest, the bonds between Creators would have been such that my arrest would have had little of an effect on the Church as a whole at all. In other words, it was the closing down of World Headquarters that hurt us so badly because going through World Headquarters was the only way in which most Creators maintained any contact with their Church.

 On the other hand, had Creators instead been part of local congregations conducted by local ministers as I had intended, those local ministers would have continued unabated. Their church would have been seen and felt in their own backyard and that is, and always will be, more powerful, more stable, and more enduring than a church only contactable through the mail or through a computer screen. By means of analogy, think of the Catholic pope. If something were to happen to him tomorrow, would that be a disaster for the Catholic church? No, because the Catholic church is everywhere, not just in the Vatican. Their ministers, their priests, each have their own congregations of believers all over the world which they maintain through their local church services and contributions on a regular basis. Many Catholics know, in fact, very little about the pope but on the other hand know their local priest very well. Their local congregation, their local priest, is thus the glue that holds Catholics together even more then the religion itself and certainly more then their pope. If something were to happen to the pope-- which inevitably does since popes serve for life-- Catholics would be distressed, yes, but can we imagine any Catholic quitting the Catholic church as happened with us after my own misfortune? Not hardly. This is because Catholicism is local, its priests are local leaders, and the religion is participated in at the local level. What is powerful locally cannot be damaged by assaults upon one man thousands of miles away. That is a truth which all of us must take great heed.

Every minister that I ordained from 23 AC to 30 AC (1996-2003) took an oath of dedication and loyalty, swearing, among other things, loyalty to the Church, loyalty to my person, and that he would indeed build his own ministry. Thus it was always my intent that all of our ministers do precisely that. I do not recall exactly how many ministers I ordained but I would estimate at least three or four dozen. Naturally then we should have at least three or four dozen Church ministries around the world stemming from my tenure as a free Pontifex Maximus alone, not to mention the Church ministries created since my arrest by the new ministers whom I did not personally ordain. I ask though, do we? I'm afraid the answer is not even remotely close to that. Instead, we have ministers without ministries which is a bit like having captains of baseball teams without there being any players! The whole point of each Creativity minister is to create a ministry, but with few exceptions, this simply has not happened. Worse still, many of the ministers that I ordained are no longer active for Creativity at all, let alone actively trying to build their ministries as they also swore to do. We must view such phenomena with considerable sadness for how are we supposed to straighten out the White Man's thinking without ministers, schooled in faith and zeal, on the ground in their communities winning those communities for Creativity? As I have said before, the internet is simply not going to cut it, especially since there are now many millions of websites vying for attention.

Why is it that our own ministers have failed to build their ministries in their own communities? I suspect that it is mainly due to bashfulness, a reluctance to deal with the rejection that is part and parcel of we Racial Loyalists attempting to win over the presently befuddled White public. Such an attitude though is not Creative and is certainly not in keeping with the positive attitude of Nature's Eternal Religion, The White Man's Bible, our scriptures in general, nor the 15th Commandment in particular! We are not supposed to be discouraged by challenges but rather are supposed to take them up! We are supposed to go out there and win our race for Creativity and if it takes a hundred nays for every yea that we receive, so be it! (Ben Klassen in Nature's Eternal Religion in fact envisions us going door to door in twos wearing dress clothes just as do adherents of other faiths.) Only by treating our religion as the proselytizing religion that it is can we in, victory being the salvation of our race from the annihilation that presently awaits it should things not change. There is simply no room for bashfulness when a race’s life is at stake. we must instead spread our religion with just as much zeal and confidence as the adherents of any other religion, in fact more so since our people have so much more to lose than non-existent souls.

I call upon all of the ministers that I ordained to rededicate themselves to their oath and proceed to convert the people of their communities to Creativity. I further call upon all those who became ministers since my arrest, as well as those in the future, to do the same. Yours is the role upon which our success depends. Build your own Church ministries as the precursor to building your own church buildings and remember that your actions must truly be worthy of reverence for you to deserve the title of “Reverend” that has been bestowed upon you. Your role is to win converts and to keep them in the fold forevermore.

For Our Faith and Folk!
Reverend Matt Hale
August 38 AC (2011)

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