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There is only one Church By Rev Matt Hale July 38AC (2011)

There is only one church

By Rev Matt Hale

It is an historical fact that our great founder Ben Klassen founded the Church of the Creator in 1973 and the courts have acknowledged that it does not violate any trademark law or judgment to say so. This church has continued up until the present day under the name “The Creativity Movement” as I sought a trademark on that same name shortly before my (malevolent) arrest eight years ago. There is only one church and The Creativity Movement represents that church. The only reason why we are not currently using our original, actual name is because of court threats of fines and judgments. We hope to one day reverse that present problem likewise in the courts.

I am well aware that other names have been used to identify our church these years since my arrest but it cannot be stressed enough that there is only one church no matter how many names are and have been used. This church furthermore has never “ended” and will never end contrary to the false claims mad on a “creativity alliance” website. In other words, the church founded by Ben Klassen in 1973 has existed throughout these 38 years and will always continue to exist. It has never met a “demise” and nor is there such a thing as “successor” churches as is also heard on occasion. I opposed these falsehoods when I was free and I oppose them now.

 They are an insult to our founder Ben Klassen and his teachings direct from our scriptures that our church, the church that he founded, would always exist. We are not clowns who come for various "performances" and leave when they are over. Nor are we so weak as to let the various persecutors and persecutions that we have faced end our existence. Rather, Ben Klassen founded us in 1973 and that is the end of the matter.

We must utterly reject any and all attempts to schismatize Ben Klassens church. We cannot let ourselves go down a dark and bitter road analogous to what the Christians suffered due to the Protestant reformation and their ensuing strife and bloodshed. No, a monolith is what Ben Klassen wanted and monolith we must be.

 The next Pontifex Maximus must be the Pontifex Maximus of all Creators. Since my term expired 5 years ago, we have been without one notwithstanding the recent erroneous usage of the title by Cailen Cambuel. In that vein, I must sadly announce that I am unable to support that man because while he praises me in public, he utters severe falsehoods about my person to creators in private. While I have never sought to squelch well-meaning disagreements in our church, I must draw the line naturally at outright defamation of my person. I do not believe that it is becoming of anyone to take advantage of my imprisonment in such a manner. We all have much better things to do such as struggling to win the hearts and minds of our people.

For Our Faith and Folk!

Reverend Matt Hale

July 38AC (2011)                        

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