Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sermon from Solitary.......... Loyality is the Issue Rev Matt Hale Oct 39AC (2012)

 Sermon from Solitary.........   Loyalty is the Issue   


   My Brothers and Sisters! Our great Cause has been the victim of many mischaracterizations, mischaracterizations by a controlled mass media that have turned the masses against us and mischaracterizations that have confused and distracted even ourselves. We have been called “White Supremacists” when we are not. We have been called “hate groups” when instead the basis for our Cause is love, not hate. We have, in short, been mislabelled and misunderstood and with bad results.

    Our own people are ignorant as to who we are and what we really want. They have been led by the nose down a false alley by the television sets that so dominate their lives and some of our own adherents are with us for the wrong reasons. So, it is important that the matter be made clear. If it is, not only will the masses be more receptive to our message but we ourselves will be stronger and more focused in the fulfillment of that message.

     Obviously we view our Cause as being one that is very positive for otherwise we would not be part of it with all of the blood, sweat and tears that that entails. We would not toil so hard for it and sacrifice so much for it if we did not deem it to be right. Now though we must help others to realize that it is positive and right as well! We do that by denying the propagandized version of our Cause that has been dished out by our foes and by replacing that with the truth about who we are, what we want, and why we want it. Words matter and perceptions matter greatly. It is not good enough to allow misunderstandings about the true nature of our Cause to somehow resolve themselves while we bang our heads against the wall in frustration. No, we must ourselves make matters crystal clear and defy at every turn the tarp that has been tossed upon us.

            What we are, my Brothers and Sisters, are Racial Loyalists and Racial loyalty is and always has been the true issue. We are not “White supremacists” because we do not wish to reign supreme over other races. We are not “hatemongers” when the whole point of our Cause is in preserving what we love: our own people. We are not “right-wingers” because it is White people we care about, not some artificial political ideology that divides our White people into supposed “wings”. We are not “extremists” because there is nothing “extreme” about being loyal to one’s own people. Simple loyalty is the issue and it is the foundation of everything else we believe.

      For example, yes, we believe in racial separation but we believe in that because of the loyalty that we have to our own kind that is harmed by the artificial and contrived mixing of the races. Yes, we are racially-minded but that too is because we deem loyalty to our own kind to be a virtue and not a vice. Loyalty is a beautiful word and no one can mount an effective argument against it. Loyalty is in fact the key to all life.

     Loyalty does not require much in the way of reasons because it has only one alternative: Treason. And so the matter is rather simple: will we as White people be loyal to our White Race or will we be traitors to it? Will we as White people be loyal to our own best interests as a people or will we betray those best interests? There is no other alternative because a man is either loyal to his people or he is a Traitor to his people. It is because we choose to be loyal that we are Racial Loyalists.

            We as White people can only be either loyal to that people or disloyal to it and we Racial Loyalists happen to believe that loyalty is better than treason. Just as we are loyal to our family because it is our family and loyal to our country because it is our country, we are loyal to our White Race because it is our race. It’s that simple. No one can sensibly complain that we are loyal to our White Race while applauding the fact that blacks are loyal to theirs.

     No one can sensibly argue that loyalty to the various countries in which White people live is good but that loyalty to our White people itself is somehow bad. No one can sensibly maintain that it is noble to fight for the country but somehow shameful to fight for the race. No one can sensibly criticize treason to the country while partaking in treason to our White Race. If patriotism is good racialism is good. If loyalty to what is yours is good, treason to what is yours is bad.

         It is this alternative between racial loyalty and racial treason that we must constantly pound into the psyche of our White people everywhere because that is the path to our success. Nobody wants to be a traitor and our White masses do not want to be traitors either. When they realize that is the only choice, loyalty or treason, they will choose loyalty and the future will be one of loyalty to the best interests of our own kind rather than to the race less madness with which our people are engulfed today.

     Just as every loyal family man wants what is best for his own family, we who are loyal to our White people also want what is best for our own White people. We Racial Loyalists realize that love and loyalty go hand in hand.

  Rev Matt Hale PME
  Oct 39AC (2012)



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