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Interview with Rev Logsdon TCM USA


1.) What are your views on the whole situation around Craig Cobb’s efforts in North Dakota to create some sort of a white enclave? In the beginning it seemed he was doing it right and gained a lot of media attention, in a good way, but lately it seems everything went down to drain. Do you think he played it the wrong way?
Absolutely. Bro Cobb got frustrated. I have known Craig for about a decade and he doesn’t have much patience. After a year of silently trying to get people involved he went with those he knew would get involved. The NSM and others who are simple media whores. Those that perpetuate negative imagery and messages simply for shock value.


What brother Craig was originally trying to accomplish is right along the path I believe we must start going. That is the path of creating our own racial societies. Detach ourselves from the multiracial cesspool. But the last thing we should ever do is draw attention to ourselves. Especially while we are so out manned and outgunned. We have comrades who have successfully started such endeavors but remain silent about them as ZOG will destroy it as Brother Cobb’s situation has proven.


 We need to go the route of the Amish or Mennonite, to look out for our own, because it, in the chaos that will ensue from a racial war, our great creed could get swept away in the fray if we do not. Of course I don’t expect any of us to stop using electronics or drive horse drawn buggies like the Amish, lol. But be prepared and trained if we have to.

2.) A lot of people out there claim they embraced Creativity doctrine, and represent themselves as Creators, but when it comes to activism, proselytizing and propagandizing as Klassen would say, they are simply failing. It looks like they would rather debate about which creed or commandment is more important than actually recruit some new white person. What do think of such people, are they Creators at all, because according to me, they don’t behave as Creators, Creator is a doer, not an observer

Are we simply believers or promoters? Well, if anyone truly believes in our creed they must know that our #1 goal is to straighten out the white mans thinking. Unlike any other religion, we do not have anything to prove to a deity. We do not have to "earn" anyone’s approval to gain access to an afterlife. We do not have to live by a set of morals or rules implied by said supposed deity. Instead we live by our moral codeof racial loyalty as set down by the eternal laws of nature, the highest law of reality. If someone says that they believe but do not profess and fail to act then they do not believe and are just as bad as the common sheep who sticks his/or her head in the sand. Perhaps worse because at least the sheep can claim ignorance.

Many grasp onto our beliefs like any other because they need meaning, meaning without having to earn it. This is common in all faiths. We see and hear Creators who claim this, do that, all contradictory to our faith, however how many Christians follow the 10 commandments? Their own clergy are in many cases the most degenerate. So we are winning that battle for now, in comparison, however it is always important to point out those that do not obey our principles and shun them if they refuse to fall in line with the true Nature of our cause. To straighten out the white man’s thinking! 


3.) What is our biggest obstacle in spreading of our creed, of seeing the growth of Creativity once again?
Well, in my years of learning from my own faults and observing the faults of others I came to one conclusion. Our church was formed into a political style organization. Not on purpose but simply by the principles of control. This is a religious movement, NOT a political one and cannot be spread as such. We must realize, every last one of us that creativity is what YOU make it.

One of our biggest obstacles is for our adherents to stop relying on others to do what they should be doing naturally and that is to SPREAD OUR RELIGION! I saw how the church collapsed from PME Hales incarceration, because most were so reliant on him to do everything. Instead of doing their duty as creators. Arguing over who was the leader, while the one guy who didn’t want to be a leader was forced to make all the decisions! LOL! It is simple and that is exactly my message, KEEP IT SIMPLE! Do not concern yourself with issues that do not effect you and stay focused on spreading the word.

Do not get over involved and always remember to keep your own life as to avoid burn out. Never over think things and keep your priorities focused on a goal. For instance, map out areas you plan on hitting, keep a log on what areas you have hit with propaganda, what works in an area and what don’t (not all messages work with different types of people, blue collar, white collar, etc.) keep your propaganda localized and stick to issues that effect people on a personal level. Let’s face it nowadays our people don’t care unless it effects them personally.

To wrap up, keep it simple, local, quite if you can. The less our enemies know the better we are because lets face it they are far more prepared and ready then we are. If one fights a war before he has an army that is not a war that is a waste. Frankly, if we have a couple dozen to a couple hundred doing something little every day, it adds up and it grows.

4.) A lot of people in USA are flirting with PLE idea, of moving to white areas with low percentage of non-whites, to raise their families in healthier environment. What is the future of those projects, and what are the consequences? Are we leaving large portion of country to the muds that way? 
Well many of our major cities in the US are far from gone. I moved from Zion to Bloomington a few years ago, as many of you might remember. When I lived up there myself, my wife and 4 kids were the only whites in a ten block radius. I fought daily with the blacks and suffered stab wounds and having my wife’s cars riddled with bullets. If it was just me who cares lets have it out, but I have children to think of and for their future I had to leave. Now, I did not move to some white homeland, but one that was quite better.
 For my international brothers who are unaware of American niggers, let me explain. These are a completely different breed of blacks then your typical African black. Not only do they have different physical characteristics as they were bred during slavery this way. Slave owners in most cases would only breed the biggest and strongest of their slaves, while castrating the frail undesirable. Like in modern cattle farming. A blunt truthful fact that gets over looked. That is why if you look at black American athletes they are much bigger and stronger than your typical African. There was a US basketball coach by the name of Jimmy the Greek, in the 70’s he was asked why blacks were becoming so dominate in the sport of basketball?

He responded by saying that is how they were bred. Of course he wasn’t heard from in the sports world again. But truth as truth. You have that with the fact that ever since the "civil rights" movement they were given the rights to say and do whatever they want to whites, with very little consequences.

So its like shooting an ape up with steroids and telling him its ok to go bananas! That is why our cities have been over run and we have no one else to blame but ourselves. In cases to where they move in, instead of the community standing together and defying it, they embrace the "diversity" until one turns to ten and ten turns to one hundred and the crime skyrockets, then whites start fleeing. It is not the case of simple abandonment it is more a case of lack of racial loyalty amongst those of our own kind. In the case of PLE’s it is fine and a safe, smart route to go. However many that do simply ignore the plight of those still standing and fighting. they feel safe in their community not believing the war will come to their doorstep. Comfort and safety will lead to naivety and ignorance if we do not retain the truth that we are at war.

5.) Can you tell us some current up to date information about Rev. Hales case? Are his mailing privileges restored again?

His privileges are back on and I encourage everyone to write him as he doesn’t hear from many people and feels he is being forgotten. Not much new to tell, said the light in the end of the tunnel is getting smaller and smaller. We have to start realizing we’ll not get him back for many, many years. However, that does not mean we abandon him in anyway. On the contrary he needs us more now than ever.

6.) What is your stance on the importance of public meetings and street demos, especially considering we’ve witnessed some groups doing it the wrong way and gaining negative publicity because of their actions?

I support any action that spreads our creed. However, we cannot gain any positive influence by using Jewish controlled media. It is hypocritical of us to complain endlessly and post constant proof of the anti-white conspiracy amongst the media and government and expect them to work in our favor in anyway. they will twist it, corrupt it and sabotage our progress. Instead utilize other means like street demos without advertising them and any and all means to reach our people.


But remember when you deal with people in the masses you deal with idiots. the masses are too easily influenced by our racial enemies, keep it small and if needed be masters of disinformation as plans do not get leaked. The negative imagery that comes with well-publicized rallies and events does not serve our purpose to educate. As I just said our people in mass form are uneducable. Instead reach people in smaller numbers, one on one if possible. Then when WE have the masses we can do bigger more organized events. Until then stop fighting THEIR fight, with THEIR tactics, on THEIR terms.

7.) I’ve listened to some of your radio interviews and read some articles, in many
 of them you mentioned the term COINTELPRO when describing current and past situations in a pro-white movement. Could you elaborate on that please?


One can simply do an internet search on the term to learn the proof, but the basic facts are this: In the late 40’s early 50’s when there was still a resemblance of anti-communist sentiment in America our law enforcement developed a plan to break apart what they felt were "insurgency" groups. That originally being the communist party, connected to the Black panthers, etc.

 They sent in government agents to join these people and rise in their ranks. To do whatever necessary to break apart these groups from the inside to splinter them and divide them. It worked so well in the case of the leftists that when the sentiment changed with American political realms the same government agencies to fall in line with the political motives of our new regime, switched things around. They initiated the same tactics on the KKK.

 At first they sent in 3 key agents. They gave these men a license to kill in the name of the Klan, in order to rise quickly amongst their ranks. After a while they become prominent leaders in the original unified KKK. And in COINTELPRO fashion as it was intended they developed internal strife amongst leadership, fabricating controversy and lies. The 3 men agents in the midst of this chaos broke away and created their own KKK group, all the while stealing members from the original Klan, claiming they were the better Klan.

After successfully causing a major split and division these three agents created their own internal drama and broke away from each other. All 3 building their own Klan group, this created a domino effect. 60 years later there are hundreds of Klan groups and unification is impossible. Especially when these tactics still exist within our cause. In the late 70’s ironically enough a leftist group broke into a government facility in Pennsylvania uncovering the documents of this government tactic. When confronted the government denied such program still exists but the tactics are oh too common and apparent. We Creators see it daily now from a splinter group referred to as the Creativity Alliance.

This is not their first name however, it is their 4th attempt. Their first was the White Crusaders of the Rahowa. Each attempt had the same person either at the head or in the background and that is a man by the name of Calien Cambuel. This started right after PME Hales arrest at our most vulnerable in our weakened state. By a man with no credentials or real past  involvement who proclaimed himself to be leader and created his own group. I could cite, quote, copy and paste proof after proof of the same style tactics he has done. Not as extreme as the above original COINTELPRO agents but in this modern age of tech savvy pseudo activists he fits the bill in my book. If it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck and acts like a duck, usually it’s a duck!

8.) Back in 2008, when Barrack Obama was elected as first black (better to say Mullato) president of United States, many in WN circles were saying it’s actually a good thing that will awake a lot of whites about what’s going on. Five years have passed since then and it seems their assumptions were wrong?

At first even I fell into that, thinking maybe this will awaken whites. It has however the ends don’t justify the means. It has destroyed what little was left of America. Everything that is there now is nothing more than a shadow, a facade of freedom and justice. Those that continue thinking it was a good thing are those unaware of what is coming. No sane man wants a war but is willing to fight it if need be. Us that have children feel the fear of what will come. He has already tried to abolish our two term limit on a president 3 times just barely getting denied. He will get it and try to proclaim himself president for life. This will lead America into another civil war then will cover the globe. Get prepared my comrades because it is coming.

9.) Last few years there are some secessionist intentions by certain groups, of mostly white people that advocate secession of certain federal states from the US. Can you give us a bit of a more insight into the whole thing, especially to us Europeans not familiar with it?

Ok first the United States was just that, independent states, or countries completely

united as one with their own independent governments. As originally intended by our constitution. However, what initiated our civil war was the "federal" representation forcing laws onto states they didn’t agree with. The biggest lie spread here and abroad on American history is our civil war was fought over slavery alone. That is far from the truth. There were many issues pertaining to state law our federal government was trying to abolish. The highest number of slave owners in America was 5% at its height in 1860. The largest slave owner was the Rothschild family.

 Those who claim Creativity should know that name from the NER. Right along with the lies spread about Abraham Lincoln, in which he was a nigger activist. A complete lie. His plan for freeing the slaves was to recolonize them to Africa. Countries like Algeria were originally founded by the US as decolonization camps. Hence why he was assassinated. I could go into much more detail but best way to describe it for Europeans is this. As the strength of the EU grows YOU Europeans will become more of a federalized entity and eventually experience the same thing when those countries a part of the EU reject EU mandated standards.

 When they try to force their rules and regulations on said country and hence in order to reject their mandate you will have to secede from the EU. Hence many states are threatening to secede from the US and become their own country. Sadly most cannot do this. For protection value and mostly financial reasons, because they rely so heavy on federal funding. In my state Illinois, our state is the most corrupt, from George Ryan (many older Creators will remember as he took our charity status away) to the black messiah himself Obama, then Blagojevich, etc... Our last 4 governors are doing prison time for corruption! However, it is not the whole state. We suffer from one major tumor and that is Chicago or &*% as we have named it, the murder capital of the states and the highest black population of any major US city, It financially weighs down on the rest of the state. A personal acquaintance of yours truly ran for governor of this state and won 100 of 102 counties in the state, yet sadly lost the election because he lost Chicago.

Its corruption is what stops us from seceding. Only a few states could legitimately secede. Texas is the primary candidate. Being born in Texas I remember it being a completely different culture and society from the rest of the US. It has the geographical size of a quarter of Europe with much resources and financial capabilities. It has more refineries than half the globe and honestly has the means and capabilities to sustain itself as a nation

You have Alaska that has more oil than Russia and the whole middle east combined. Which confuses most Americans on why there is such dependence on foreign oil. However they have a very small population compared to its size (over half the size of all of Europe). Because of it remoteness, so don’t think for a minute our government, Russia or china would not just simply go in and take it if they seceded. Not to mention our US federal government has already sold mineral rights of our national parks (half of Alaska) without their approval to china! So the idea of secession is a remote one at best. An idea not very thought out by those amongst our kin.

 10.) Do you think that direct approach, ‘’one on one’’ type of activism, direct talk with prospective people, has been grossly neglected by us all?

As stated above I highly support  the "one on one" approach as the only true means of educating. In this age of distrust and paranoia it is hard to reach people. You will never truly reach people in "mob" form, in the masses. We need to gain peoples trusts, to show them a better way. That can only be achieved through personal interactions. However, not waste too much time on any individual as we have many to get to. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.


11.) Some of the pro-white politicians and activists favor the so called soft approach, they try to appease the public and the media into liking them through not using racial terms, trying to be politically correct, but they still get called ‘’Nazi’’, Racist, Fascist, and still end up attacked by the media. Is it just the waste of time?
Complete waste, we talk about how corrupt our political situations are but yet we expect a lone Man to rise above? That is like taking a good apple and throwing it into a barrel of rotten apples, what will happen is inevitable. All power corrupts, especially to those that seek it. We will see leaders slowly emerge and stop caring. A prime example right now is the communist Putin which has almost more popularity amongst Americans then Obama. Men will always follow a leader who is brave and unwavering. They will follow actions not sentiments; they will follow loyalty not conformity. A leader will emerge but will he be corrupted, we will see.
12.) Now, a question from the showbiz, HaHa. We all know of BFG, one of the most known and famous pro-white metal bands out there. This year they went on a tour through Japan, doing few concerts, or was it just one, can’t remember now. They were welcomed by some Japanese patriotic skinhead organization. Now, I know we are not here to talk about music, bands or Skinheads, but I just wanted to hear your opinion on the whole deal, how do you, as a Racial Loyalist view their singing and associating with Asian crowd?

I come from a bias approach as I know many within the American WP music scene and have respect for very few, especially BFG. They still associate with someone who is a proven federal informant simply for money. Half these supposed "pro white" bands are posers. they become white power musicians mainly cause their music sucks, they put a racist spin on it, get people to buy CD’s then think they are rock stars! I have met many of bands in this movement who would do a show in Israel if they were paid enough!!! It’s a sad joke. It’s better to support those bands whose members were involved racialists before becoming "rock stars." That way you know there intentions are true. Bands like Invictus come to mind. He He!

13.) And, for the last question, do you consider  that some white people are not worth saving? I refer mostly to White liberals with overall White guilt manifestations. Is there any point in wasting time on such people when we know they have been brain polluted so hard it’s irrational to expect they could come to their senses?

Well, imagine we did not need numbers and that if we rejected these people they wouldn’t fight right along the side of our racial enemies against us. If that was the case these people are traitors by definition correct? In the days of our distant ancestors these people would be castrated and enslaved. We simply keep them at arm’s reach, realize their treachery but don’t lash out at them. Simply focus on our goals. If one day we win and have the power well...... 

Rev Logsdon
Dec 40AC (2013)






The FBI engaged in political repression almost from the time of the agency's inception in 1908, and antecedents to COINTELPRO operated during the Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman administrations. Centralized operations under COINTELPRO officially began in August 1956 with a program designed to "increase factionalism, cause disruption and win defections" inside the Communist Party U.S.A. (CPUSA). Tactics included anonymous phone calls, IRS audits, and the creation of documents that would divide American communists internally.[17] An October 1956 memo from Hoover reclassified the FBI's ongoing surveillance of black leaders, including it within COINTELPRO, with the justification that the movement was infiltrated by communists.[18] When the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) was founded in 1957, the FBI began to monitor and target the group almost immediately, focusing particularly on Bayard Rustin, Stanley Levison, and Martin Luther King, Jr.[19]

The program ultimately encompassed disruption of the Socialist Workers Party (1961), the Ku Klux Klan (1964), the Nation of Islam, the Black Panther Party (1967), and the entire New Left social/political movement, which included antiwar, community, and religious groups (1968). A later investigation by the Senate's Church Committee (see below) stated that "COINTELPRO began in 1956, in part because of frustration with Supreme Court rulings limiting the Government's power to proceed overtly against dissident groups..."[26] Official congressional committees and several court cases[27] have concluded that COINTELPRO operations against communist and socialist groups exceeded statutory limits on FBI activity and violated constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and association.[1]

Intended effects

The intended effect of the FBI's COINTELPRO was to "expose, disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize" groups that the FBI believed were "subversive"[32] by instructing FBI field operatives to:[33]
  1. create a negative public image for target groups (e.g. by surveiling activists, and then releasing negative personal information to the public)
  2. break down internal organization
  3. create dissension between groups
  4. restrict access to public resources
  5. restrict the ability to organize protests
  6. restrict the ability of individuals to participate in group activities

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