Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Are we followers or Promoters? ........By Rev Logsdon


I have ran into many people that claim to follow the faith of Creativity and spend more time judging others for not following Creativity the way they do. This deeply upsets me and makes me bang my head against the wall frustrated on the ignorant arrogance of some. If you are a true follower of our Creed you will know our main goal is to promote our faith. Who is and who isn't a "better" follower is irrelevant to the greater cause. If you have a small group of Creators that sit around and say "we are the true followers Klassens teachings" all the while do not convert, awaken or educate anyone for years, this does not make them a Creator, this makes them a condescending douche! Many of us know people and groups like this.
I have been real close this year, closer than any other, to just giving up on Creativity. The constant back biting, internal bickering, ZOG intimidation and lack of support from our adherents has drove me to a life of depression, alcoholism and bitterness. When I evaluate why I came to this and look for a way to dig myself out of this rut and hole I have found myself in, I must look at why. I will not blame others because I allowed their actions to influence me and drag me into this pit of destructiveness. The same pit I tried dragging others out of in the past, I found myself in. Without the support of others or the ability to take some real personal time to myself like I tried in the past. It’s kind of hard to focus on yourself when people call everyday with their problems. I do not have it in me to abandon any of my brothers in their time of need. Many have said my heart is my biggest problem. Anyway, I had to find a way out of it myself. I did and that is through the teachings of Creativity.
I have to learn to throw off the negativity that surrounds us and realign our course. I will quit drinking and smoking and start focusing on the promotion of our Creed. I want to move to a more salubrious diet but one thing at a time. After this, my personal evaluation and outcome I have also come to the big realization of what I started this article out as.

One cannot simply be a follower of Creativity. If you follow our teachings but yet do not promote it, then that is as if you are condemning those you come into contact with to a life of ignorance. A Creator must learn to care about his fellow White man and educate those he can when he can. Instead of simply looking down at him for not believing what we do. That's the actions of a Christian and not of a Creator. We are essentially missionaries for life.

When the Jews spread Christianity through the Roman Empire they did so because they had thousands willing to die for theirs. Because they had 100,000 who followed Judaism ruthlessly. They didn't just except Judaism and then say "oh that's good enough" or "well I am a true follower of Judaism". No! Nor does any adherent or convert of any Religion just stop with themselves. Nor should we. Nor can we! It is our holy duty to stop at nothing to educate our people. If you have hit everyone in your circle, then expand your circle. become socialites, learn to become promoters of our creed. Essentially become missionaries of our faith. For the truth.
Disregard the nonsense that may have dragged you down, like it did myself and others. Discover we are bigger, far bigger then ourselves and you will see our bright future. Let TCM be the promoters of our creed and then in a hundred years, no one will debate nor care who was the better Creator, or even know. Or will it even matter as long as we do our job of awakening our kin.

Rev Logsdon
Nov  40AC (2013)

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