Monday, 2 December 2013

Yurtle the Turtle....... By Rev Logsdon

When I was young one of the more popular childrens books were those of Dr. Seuss. One story in particular that reminds me a great deal of a common theme in the pro white cause, is Seuss' "Yertle the Turtle". The story is about a turtle named Yurtle, duh right? But Yurtle was king of the pond and commanded all the other turtles. He at first wanted to be above (physically) of other turtles so he told one turtle named Mack to let him stand on his back. You can already see the Seuss theme here, Yertle-turtle, Mack back, etc. After getting on Macks back he then wanted to be taller then the rocks, then the birds, calling more and more turtles in to stand on one another, all the while poor Mack is at the bottom of this pile. Eventually, Yurtles greed and jealousy led him to ridiculous heights when he noticed the moon and was angry when he wasnt higher then it. So he called in more turtles and attempted to go higher when poor Mack at the bottom let out a large burp and the tower of turtles came crashing down. Leaving Yertle on his back in the mud. The moral of the story is that when someone tries to use others to "rise" above, it will always come crashing down.

I find it ironic that I think of this analogy to compare to the movement when the Jew Seuss admitted later it was a take on Hitlers dictatorship that inspired that story for him. But the theme I am refering to is this constant need for others to jump on every opportunity to use someones bad choices or misfortunes to elevate themselves in some fashion. Wether it be from a false sense of moral authority, personal arrogance or egotism and/or shear jealousy. It could be from them despising and hating the other or simply because it is a rut, a common action within this cause to kick somebody while they are down and trying to make others and ourselves feel better with our actions or inactions.

 If one is to be be truly better then the other he must achieve that through his own actions, through his own acomplishments and deeds. By using someone elses bad choices or mistakes to compare your false sense of a better worth, is like a pretty girl taking a ugly girl out to the club with her to look better by comparison. It is a false sense of reality. When the truth is told that comparison, that false elevation is swept away and all that is left is ones own self. His own worth and that is based solely on his actions and deeds. If he has spent all his time falling into the "Yurtle the Turtle" syndrome, using others misfortunes, like, I wouldnt do this or I would do this. I dont do this and I dont do that. I wont work with this person because of this, etc, etc, etc. Then we will see the shallow empty efforts and sentiment behind said person. Not to mention we all have faults and those that point out others with regular frequency are usually those who have more to hide.

I could give you numerous examples but it goes on so frequently that I would be here all day and no one would read all of it. Plus I would be falling into the same trap. It is one thing to point out truthful things when NECCASARY, but not to make one look better or to further ones own cause. Instead I offer this, as stated before, make your own credit and worth based off your own actions. Better yourself, learn from others mistakes and if you feel the need to try to rectify someones actions then tell THAT person. Offer him suggestions and help changing and focussing on a better alternative. Not scream it out for everyone to see like an attention whore. Saying "see, see, I told you I am better look at me, look at me." The actions of a needy child and someone insecure with themselves. If that person is unwillingly to change or unable because of insecurities and stubborn pride then simply ignore them. Turn your back and focus on what YOU are doing then if you are truly better it doesnt need to be said.

In this cause most focus on the social comparisons and rivalries completly void of true proggress and enlightment. They spend too much time on what other already racially aware people think and do, instead of what they are and can be doing. However we cannot save everybody, and some shouldnt be saved. Simply ignore the childish actions and banter until they wither away or get the point. To sum this up my brothers and sisters we must avoid the "Yertle the Turtle" syndrome and focus on bettering ourselves on our own accord and actions. This is however just one of our many faults as a cause and people. When we see them we must eliminate them. Because only by bettering ourselves can we be the men and women we must be to change the things we must.

With that may we together win this Racial Holy War.

 Rev James Logsdon
 (Nov 40AC 2013)

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