Thursday, 12 December 2013

George David Loeb Jr ..... life behind bars/ K2/ Rob Ford/Obama/Bankers

"Surrounded by Mutts, Nuts, Mutants and Miscreants....... Really the alliteration trivializes it..... There are child molesters and serial rapists and other people who are actually Evil, whether they be thieves or whatever. Then there are the predators, those that are actually vicious. Hundreds of guys high on K2 and or are stung out on psych dope carrying homemade knives everywhere they go, even back and forth to chow and the guards meanwhile have virtually given up, underpaid and having no incentive and no motivation don't even do spot check pat downs anymore"

" As for problematic prison conditions as I suggested earlier a lot of it can be traced to the widespread availability and use of K2. It is illegal in some states and surly should be but it isn't illegal in Florida"

" What it isn't is synthetic marijuana which the media morons insist on calling it. What it is , is the equivalent of huffing gasoline or glue. They get real high for a short period of time, which is to say that they survived poisoning. But who cares right?  Well the problem is financial, see its very addictive depending on the type, guys buy more and more on credit from their not so friendly dealer and often they know they will not be able to pay. Then its violence and or numerous incidents of theft, leading to more widespread violence involving those that don't deal or use..... people like me. And no one is taking any action which is understandable the numbers are incredible.'

'This stuff K2 known as "spice" and a hundred other names sells cheap on the streets, 20 dollars worth there sells for 200 dollars or more here. So  figure a guard buys a hundred dollars worth and brings it in, he makes 500 dollars cash tax free maybe twice a week and with very little risk. Yeah introduction of contraband into a correctional facility is a felony but remember the substance itself is still legal, and the state would not want the bad publicity signs of a cover up are already apparent. Most guys who get caught with K2 here are not even given disciplinary reports."

" As for your Mayor, yes, we know he is pretty much world wide, still I must say, his peccadilloes pale in comparison to material here done and not done here on a larger scale in the U.S. Less than 2 full terms in to the current Presidency and this once prosperous nation has been virtually bankrupted. Its an Obamanation! We might be better if he smoked crack everyday but demanded a balanced budget. I note that in all the criticism of your Mayor, they do not say that he has done a poor job Governing... interesting Huh?"  

" Finally as for even the self defeatist Liberals knowing the problem, calling it "banking" I am
reminded of the timidity that is also on the right, with the likes of Rush Limbaugh stopping short every time, when the word Jew should be spoken he says " international financial manipulators" We must all be willing to say Jews!"

George David Loeb Jr
Dec 40AC (2013)

George David Loeb Jr 292124
Martin Correctional Institution
1150SW Allapattah Road
Indiantown Florida 34956

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