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The Native American Goy......By Ben Klassen

Historically, the Jews most servile tool in slavishly doing their dirty work

The last meaningful war the United States fought on behalf of the best interests of the White Race undoubtedly was the War with Mexico in 1846-48. The White Race can be forever grateful to our then illustrious President, namely James K. Polk, whose foresight, determination and loyalty to the White Man’s cause increased our territory by more than half, and in carrying out our Manifest Destiny, extended the White Man’s territory from the shores of the Atlantic to those of the Pacific.

We can categorically state that every major war the United States has fought since that time, beginning with the disastrous Civil War (or sometimes called the War between the States) has been geared to the destruction and to the detriment of the White Race, to the ruination of the national interest of the United States as such, and above all, to the major benefit in expanding the stranglehold of Jewish power in the United States, as well as on a worldwide basis. The Jews have skillfully manipulated the White Man’s brain and actions, exploited the tremendous productivity and ingenuity of the servile White Race in order to further the sinister goals of the Jewish Conspiracy and at the same time to decimate, undermine and destroy the White Race Itself.

Fantastic? It may seem so, but the reality of history speaks for itself. Let us review the history of the United States for the last 130 years, case by case, starting with the

disastrous so-called Civil War.



Case No One. : American Civil War. The much ballyhooed Civil War was not about slavery. In every idiotic war the Jews have euchred us into, they have fervently and blatantly proclaimed some phony moral issue as to why the White Man should plunge in and kill each other wholesale, and the Civil War was a typical example. This brutal war was meticulously planned years in advance by the Rothschilds and the Jewish money clique. The propaganda technique was then skillfully applied to both the North and the South, neither of which previously gave a tinker’s damn about the stinking niggers until they were plied with a massive dose of inflammatory propaganda.

The real issues were these:

(a) The Jewish money power in New York and Philadelphia was determined to break the rising political and financial power of the Southern plantation owners. We must remember that before 1861 Mississippi was the most prosperous state in the Union and Natchez was home to more millionaires than any other city In the United States. By the time the massive killing of White Men by other White Men ended in 1865, Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and other Southern states lay in ruins, much as did Dresden, Hamburg and the rest of Germany after W.W. II, and as does Baghdad today.

(b) A second benefit the Jews derived from this insane and cruel war was the destruction of the flower of White manhood in the North and especially in the South, thereby promoting the Jews’ eternal goal – that of drastically pulling down the quality of the White gene pool.

The casualty figures are staggering for this young nation with a limited population. The total Union casualties were 359,528 of which number 110,070 were killed in battle or died of wounds, 224,586 died of disease, and 24,872 of other causes. This does not include the hundreds of thousands that were maimed and crippled for the rest of their life.
The Confederate Army, which was only about one-third the size of the Union forces, suffered much heavier casualties percentage wise. Small towns found their young male population virtually wiped out. For example, the 14th Tennessee Battalion marched out of Clarksviile with 960 soldiers in 1861. By the beginning of the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, 360 were left. By sunset, only 60 stood. By battle’s end, there were only three survivors.
Although there are no complete records available of the Confederate casualties, the numbers

were brutal and massive, inflicting a devastating blow to the White gene
pool, from which the South has never recovered.
(c) It firmly re-established Jewish money power, centralized on the Eastern seaboard, and now extending unchallenged over all of the United States.
We must remember that the Jews were able to establish all these gains by brute force only because of the killing, bleeding and dying of the befuddled and misguided White soldiers in the field of battle.
Case No. Two: World War I. This was the first and greatest worldwide conflagration up to that time, in which all the major White nations of the world participated in killing, wholesale slaughter and mass devastation of their own kind of people. Now, some seventy or eighty years later, no scholarly historian has yet come forth and stated one single solitary reason that makes any sense as to why the White nations plunged into such an inane and self-destructive pursuit.
At the turn of the century, it was Germany, located in the heart of Europe and thirty years earlier united under Bismark, that was the up and coming White nation. It was the natural and most progressive leading nation in Europe. For this reason, it was deemed as a threat to Jewish power, and the Kehilla decided it had to be destroyed, the same as they had decided the South had to be devastated some fifty years earlier.
Again, it was the American doughboys and American productivity that was thrown in the balance and turned the tide in the favor of Jewish money power. Despite the fact that more than 30% of the American population itself at that time was of German ancestry, America went to war and helped to smash Germany. It was not an ‘Allied’ victory, nor a White victory, but purely a Jewish victory. Most of the European nations lay prostrate, their economies ruined, disease and famine stalking the land, and Jewish Communism taking over the largest country in the world.

In this case, we must again remember, it was the idiotic naivete of the American goy that turned the tide in favor of the Jews.
Case No. Three: World War II. Despite the Jewish devastation and bankruptcy of Germany, these energetic and resourceful people pulled themselves together and a great leader emerged. Despite runaway inflation, despite tyrannical and impossible "reparations" and war debts imposed by the victors (Jews), the German people survived their catastrophic defeat and by the 1930’s, under the leadership of that
great genius Adolf Hitler, emerged as the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world. Despite the spreading cancer of communism in other nations, despite worldwide depression (we must remember that even the United States at this time was wallowing in its worst depression of all time), yet the Germans got their act
together and prospered. Not only prospered but they thoroughly cleaned house. They drove the communists out of Germany, they drove the Jewish money power out of their economy and they drove the Jews themselves out of the professions, out of their educational system and out of their government. It was a historic case of the White Race systematically taking control of their own destiny and getting the world’s most pernicious parasite off their back. Furthermore, it was a classic model of what the other White nations viewed with envy and were eager to emulate.
It was indeed a major threat and the most dangerous crisis the Jews had faced in the last two thousand years of their history. The decision came down from the Kehilla: Adolf Hitler and Germany had to be destroyed!
Again, it was the American goy that came to the rescue of the Jews. Suddenly, depression or no depression, the tremendous industrial strength of the American nation was thrown into high gear to produce vast quantities of war materials – a multitude of weapons for mass destruction. Whom did America (?) want to destroy? Why, the Germans, of course! As all the world now knows, and is reminded daily, it was the American military might that destroyed Germany in 1945 and blasted their cities into rubble.

What interest did the American people have in destroying Germany? None whatsoever. In fact, a third of the White Americans themselves were of German ancestry, as I have already pointed out.
The White goy did it all to save the neck of the Jewish parasite and to restore Jewish money power worldwide, including Germany. Now, as we near the end of the 20th century, we find that this same Jewish parasite has ominously turned its demonical powers towards the destruction of the White Race itself, the very patsy that saved its neck only two generations ago. Today the Jew is furiously hell bent to bringing in the Mexicans, the Koreans, the Filipinos, the Vietnamese, the Nicaraguans, the Chinese and all the scum and mud people of the world in order to overwhelm and outbreed the White people of this once pristine land.

Case No. Four: Israel and the Rape of Palestine in 1948. We have already chronicled the bastardized beginnings of the parasitic bandit state of Israel in 1948, when the overwhelming population of that area was still Arab and Palestinian. In issue No. 36 of Racial Loyalty and the first chapter of RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours, we tell the story of how Jewish money power and Jewish rapacity took over a major piece
of Palestinian territory that had been Arab for more than 1300 years. Nevertheless, when the Jews proclaimed their bastard state in 1948, the United States, under President Harry Truman, virtually broke its neck to be the first to recognize this
foul and ill-begotten state, and again it was the United States who led the way In the United Nations to give its blessing to this criminal atrocity.
Case No. Five: Korea. By the late 1940’s and early 1950’s when "America" acted

as if it was alarmed about the worldwide spread of Communism, it made two major decisions. One was that it was going to act as the world’s policeman, whether the other countries liked it or not, and secondly, they would supply foreign aid to some 120 countries of the world, whether they needed it or not.

Korea was the first postwar country in which the United States decided it would flex its military muscles. What interest did we have in this backward mud country half a world away? None whatsoever. Our excuse was another blatant lie, namely "to stop Communist aggression." It was phoney as hell, since only a few years earlier in World War 2 the United States had saved not only the Jews, but also Jewish communism in its home base of Russia. In fact, it was American economic aid and military power that had surreptitiously promoted communism throughout the world before and after that calamitous war. Now we were committing our troops and

resources to fight a phony no-win war in Korea. Absolutely insane.

What did the Jews gain from this war? It set the pattern and greatly helped to weaken and drain the now dominant White superpower of the world – the United States. It also killed, maimed and crippled tens of thousands of young White men in the prime of their manhood, and left us with the commitment of a highly costly army of occupation in that country over the last forty years.
Case No. Six: Vietnam. The build-up for the Vietnam war started slowly during the Kennedy regime in the early 1960’s. After Kennedy was himself assassinated by the Jewish Mossad on November 22, 1963, and Jewish stooge Lyndon Johnson took over, the troop build-up accelerated rapidly. I personally remember listening to Johnson’s State of the Union message in which he categorically stated, "We do not want to win, we just want to show that aggression does not pay." For moral reasons even more idiotic than previous Jew-instigated wars, the build-up continued until it reached a massive 500,000 American boys in the stinking jungles of Vietnam. Nobody knew why they were there, dying and bleeding, neither the soldiers in the field, nor the taxpayers at home who were footing the bill. Anti-war demonstrations abounded at home and abroad.

How much did this stupid war cost the American people? The long-term costs, including on-going pensions to the disabled veterans and also their dependents undoubtedly run into the hundreds of billions. We know that at least 67,000 American boys were killed, some 300,000 wounded and maimed, and tens of thousands more were left to slowly die of cancer induced by the use of Agent Orange to "defoliate" the jungle. It is my unswerving conclusion that the Jews knew exactly what in the hell they were doing and sprayed this carcinogenic chemical substance on our troops deliberately to wreak the Insidious damage that in fact it did.

What secret reasons did the Jews have to stage this pointless and idiotic war? It further helped to cripple the U.S. economy and tremendously increase the debt of the American people to the Jew-owned "Federal" Reserve. Again, it killed thousands of White Americans in the flower of their manhood, as stated above, and wrecked the education and careers of a whole generation. It also divided the country and left a legacy of shame and guilt that will last for generations. However, the main purpose of the Vietnam war was to divert the attention of White Americans from the Jew-orchestrated "civil rights" revolution which firmly established the Jewish control of Washington and signified the beginning of the open and systematic destruction of White America through punitive taxation, forced busing, affirmative action, mud immigration and subsidization of the black demographic explosion.

Case No. Seven: the Gulf War. We have already reviewed the hypocrisy, treason and deceit leading up to our insane entrance into the Gulf War and sending 550,000 of
our troops to the hot desert sands of Saudi Arabia. We have done so in the last three issues of Racial Loyalty.
Despite the United States being the largest debtor in the world, despite our economy wallowing in depression, despite the more than 350 billion dollar deficit in the current budget year, Bushwhacker Bush was non-plussed and found ample money to stage this incredibly pointless war. What is it costing? Well, like the Vietnam war, it will run into the hundreds of billions, and its maintenance is admittedly a billion dollars a day.

Why are we there? Bush and his lackeys have come up with a number of spurious and shifting reasons, but like those of Vietnam, they are all phony as hell. The real reason our military might has been placed on the desert sands of Saudi Arabia is to protect the world’s Number One parasite – the Jewish bandit state of Israel.

We see a repeat of the same brutality and destruction that characterized General Sherman’s march through Georgia. The burning of Atlanta, the destructive march upward through South Carolina and North Carolina, burning cities and estates and laying waste to plantations and farms as they went along. We see a repetition of the brutality of bombing of cities like Hamburg, Dresden and hundreds of others into rubble and the killing of at least 50 million White people during World War II. It was, and is indeed, an ongoing process of the Jewish Purim – kill, burn, destroy the goyim.


Is there nothing that will stop the Jewish juggernaut from rolling onwards and destroying our world and our precious race? Yes, there is and the only power on earth that can stop the further depredations of the Jewish tyrant is the White Race, and only the White Race. Informed, aroused and united the White Race can make short shrift of the insidious and deceitful Jewish monster.

The Jews have accomplished the enslavement and mastery of the world through their parasitic and deceitful religion – Judaism. In order that we, the White Race, can build a more powerful counterforce to overcome this deadly virus we need to arouse and unite our own people by means of a powerful religion of our own. We need a revolution of values! We need to throw overboard the deceitful Jewish values that have been imposed upon us by Jewish Christianity (love your enemies, turn the other cheek, sell all thou hast and give it to the niggers) and put into its place the eternal wisdom of the Laws of Nature for our own survival, expansion and advancement.

 (We are soon coming out with another book – A Revolution of Values Through
Religion.) In Creativity we have the whole framework, the winning formula. We have the Total Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. We now need to promote the hell out of our program already in place and inform, arouse and organize our own resources for our own best Interests.
White Man, be a servile, stupid goy no longer! Vow never again to be harnessed into the Jewish yoke! Become a militant Creator and help destroy the Jewish monster that is now feeding upon us.
Take action!
Join TCM, NOW!

Ben Klassen
Founder Church of the Creator

Article taken from...........

  On The Brink of a Bloody Racial Holy War...20AC (1993)
   RACIAL LOYALTY # 69 ..18AC (1991)   




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