Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Controlled media finally exposed.

The best thing to come out of  Obama's run as President in my opinion is that the controlled media has finally been exposed for its partisan reporting. The obvious partisan reporting in the political arena by the "main stream" media has also opened the eyes of the general public to the ridiculously obvious over reporting of White on Black crimes and the almost non existent reporting of the reverse. The media ideally should be a watch dog for the people and I would like to believe that in the past this was true and that there were journalists with integrity. Integrity cannot exist anymore in Journalism, at least not in the "main stream" (controlled) media. A monopoly of the mediums has been established, it doesn't matter whom has the monopoly, the conflict of interest generated by total control of the mass mediums cannot allow any reasonable thinking person to believe that the interests of the controlling party will not be represented favorably by the "Journalists" who receive paychecks from them.

Having a Black man as the puppet has allowed the controllers to get away with much more than when they had a White man as the puppet. It worked for the first term of the Black puppet, any dissention was silenced with shouts of racism. Thanks to the alternative media and its availability on the internet many of the current Governments scandals have been exposed and read by a lot of people. This reporting of the scandals by the alternative media has not only exposed the Government but has exposed the "main stream" media as nothing more than a propaganda tool somewhat reminiscent of that of some not so distanced Communist regimes.

The media tries and generally succeeds in shaping race relations, they focus on the very rare White on Black crimes and ignore the very common Black on White crimes. Once again thanks to alternative media sources the propaganda from the controlled media has been exposed over and over again. Unfortunately the power that comes with control of the popular media is all too real, with a blitz of  coverage, a Black shot by a White Cop, riots ensue, orchestrated to perfection. A White baby was shot in the head this year by Black thugs, no mass coverage, no White riots, an unarmed White youth was shot dead by a Black Cop, no mass coverage, no White riots, Knock out game featuring Whites as the victims, coverage leads the viewer to believe that it is just unruly youth not Black youths committing these cowardly acts.

As more and more White people become victims of hate crimes by Blacks the media's biased reporting keeps exposing what little credibility they have left. The questions that should be asked are... Why does the media focus on White on Black crime and try to hide the reverse? Who are these people that have the monopoly of the main stream media? Do they control anything else? Hopefully people will start to investigate for themselves and see the media for exactly what it is CONTROLLED!

Brother Smith
Sep 41AC (2014)



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