Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Overcoming Apathy and Fear....By Rev Kyle Marquardt

Based on the personal experiences I've gained from interacting with most average uniformed Whites (most notably when dealing with my fellow peers of the Murray Rothstein MTV generation), I have come to the realize that they are often apathetic to our message because they have difficulty understanding how it relates to them in their personal daily lives.
Unfortunately a large portion of our racial comrades are radical individualists who are selfish and only concerned with themselves. They are indifferent to any social/political/ religious matters that they feel have no significant bearing or direct impact on their daily existence. These are complicated, tedious affairs and are completely irrelevant as far as they are concerned. In other words it appears as if they are incapable of thinking from a collectivist perspective. They fail to see the bigger picture. Instead of contently viewing themselves as a small, but important, component (themselves as one individual) working in accordance with other small components (other individuals) to form a larger machine (society), they see themselves as unique individuals who strive to be what they like to call a "non-conformist".
These same Whites are explicitly discouraged from thinking in terms of their own ethnic interests, which directly relate to their specific racial identity. Any form of White identity is considered taboo in today's social environment and is a felonious fist degree thought crime against the dogmatic moral zeitgeist. Political/religious organizations that our hook-nosed overlords have deemed guilty of upholding and practicing a form of what they classify as "extremist, right-wing" ideology are off limits. We know there is nothing extreme about our beliefs. We think and act in accordance with Natural Law. It is the Jews who are guilty of ideological extremism. Nevertheless these Jewish trigger words continue to stupefy the easily-impressed masses of subservient goyim.
Some Whites may wholeheartedly agree with our message but fail to react out of fear of persecution. While they may be not like what’s happening in the country, most are just too satisfied and content with their own personal lives to lift a finger. They are financially stable and preoccupied by their lavish material possessions that offer them comfort, security, and a respectable social status.

Then there are those lucky ones who have managed to temporarily escape the disastrous effects of the MultiCult. They don't give a damn if the border is being overrun by hordes of savage squaw invaders, so long as they are safe and sound in their own gated communities. I mean why should they care? It's not like they have to experience firsthand the wondrous joys of mestizo cultural enrichment.

They couldn't be any less
concerned about the dangerous non-White environment that lower and middle class White children are subjected to in the public educational system, so long as their little Johnny or little Suzy gets to attend private school. Why should they give a rat's ass about the violent black-on-White robberies, assaults, rapes and murders occurring across all the major cities of the US when their neighborhood has virtually no crime rate? Heaven forbid, if anything like that were to ever occur in their community, why they could just simply flee and relocate their family to another White suburban refugee reservation.

Unfortunately we may not be able to get through to these types of people. They may not realize the gravity of the situation and the validity of our message until they themselves eventually experience firsthand the costs and suffering that accompanies Jewish multiculturalism. Be it in the form of the tragic loss of a loved one who falls victim to a lead bullet fired from the barrel of a handgun controlled by some impulsive, low-IQ, feral nigger gangbanger, or be it something as simple as depleted property value thanks to federal HUD housing regulations that implant third-world muds into White communities in the name of diversity, equality, and fairness, or the loss of an employment opportunity, promotion, or when their child is denied acceptance into a particular university due to affirmative-black'shun.

While many may have to learn the hard way, we mustn’t get discouraged. There are still plenty of Whites out there who are open and receptive to our message, some of whom may have even had that eye-opening epiphany and are searching for answers along with a constructive outlet to positively channel their frustrations.

Perhaps they are Disenfranchised members of the White working class who have finally come to realize that they have been misled and lied to and have become disillusioned with the entire jew-rigged democratic political process and the false sense of hope promised to them by the kosher conservatives that comprise the treasonous Republican party.

One thing is for certain, this unnatural jewish system is not sustainable. It is destined for collapse, as was the case in the Soviet Union. And this cataclysmic collapse could very well provide that necessary spark needed to ignite a wholesale White revolution of values. Because when people lose their jobs along with the sense of financial economic security and are no longer able to provide for themselves and their families, they become angry. And when they become angry, they search for answers. They want to know who's responsible for their suffering. And when the truth becomes obvious they demand justice and they demand change.

For a prime example, one need look no farther than the current situation in Europe, and specifically in Greece. Nationalist parties like Golden Dawn have witnessed an explosion in membership and popularity. The same scenario occurred in Germany and resulted in the glorious, yet temporary, Third Reich. We as Creators should take note, because it has happened before, and it will most assuredly happen again. And there is much to learn from the well-intentioned mistakes of our ancestors.

Speaking of historical mistakes, there has been one major mistake that many within this movement seem to have not yet come to terms with. I’m referring to the ultimate mistake in which Whites have continuously embraced a poisonous, alien religion. There are many groups who promote Christianity as a solution to our current problems. Christianity offers no solutions. Christianity is the root cause of our problems. We as a race need to adopt a new religious strategy. A logical strategy with a foundational creed designed to assure not only our continued racial survival, but also our territorial expansion and genetic advancement. We Creators have already discovered that religious solution. It is now our sacred duty to inform and proselytize our racial comrades. We must be the messengers of truth, devoted missionaries, determined to spread the good word of Creativity, the one and only creed capable of ensuring a Whiter and Brighter World.



Rev. Kyle Marquardt




               Originally Published in IMPERIUM # 13
             The Creativity Movement online magazine

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