Friday, 12 September 2014

Elect Paul Fromm Mayor of Mississauga 2014

Paul Fromm registered yesterday (Sep 11) to run in the election for Mayor of Mississauga Ontario. The election takes place on October 25th. Mr. Fromm is the 14th candidate to declare in the bid to replace incumbent Mayor Hazel McCallion who is stepping down after her 11th term as Mayor!

Paul Fromm is by far the best choice to become the Mayor of Mississauga, he is not constrained by political correctness and is the only candidate who will represent and preserve the values of White Canadians.

Fromm's platform is based on the negative aspects of further immigration to Canada.

Quotes from Paul in his press release.......................

 " Immigration is the issue, It’s the two-ton elephant in the room that the municipal politicians don’t want to discuss. They just want to babble about the supposed benefits of diversity." 

"Immigration impacts almost every major problem in Mississauga — overcrowded roads, dwindling farm land, the environment, welfare costs. If I’m elected, I’ll camp out on the Minister of Immigration’s front lawn and demand action"
“Will the roads be any less congested? Will welfare costs be lower? Will the environment be safer with nearly another 300,000 in Peel? Not likely......                    
“Mississauga is full"
It is not too often that someone runs for a political position with the best interests of our people in mind, I urge every proud White Man and Women in Mississauga to vote for Mr. Fromm, help Paul in his quest for a better future for our children, help spread his message, make your voices heard!
Brother Smith
TCM Toronto



  1. Your "hero" is an idiot whose ideas can are easily shown to be wrong with a simple google search. How does it feel to support nonsense so easily disproven?

  2. I bet you pussies are two weak to post my comment. We will see.

  3. Why the quotation around hero? I have not used that word in any article I have written about Mr. Fromm. As for the "ideas" and "nonsense" (proper use of quotations) as I do not know what ideas and nonsense that you are referring to my feelings are unformed. I will post any debate as long as it is not filled with juvenile name calling, we are certainly not "two" weak.

  4. It is far better to support an honest politician, rather than one that lies and plays games to be in power, pitching promises that they do not intend to keep or promises of things to come that one may take to mean one thing but rather means another. i.e. help the people may mean only a few people in certain positions only, or the community may mean only one part of the community that serves their own interests. It is far better to support one that understands that things need to slow down, the roads are a serious issue. Plus in light of ebola it may be time to slow things down for more reasons than you may imagine. we need someone that will work for us and not have interests in lining their own pockets. Have you not heard how they wish to make money off of those who put garbage in the wrong recycling bins, to tax and fine people and have people report these thing if they see them. I can imagine a lot of false reports, or they will install cameras out of your tax dollars to issue these fines. Do we really need more invasion of privacy that we pay for? Maybe it is time that we slow down and take care of things at hand and make it better for those we have for a short while until better plans are put into place for our future, our health and for future generations. The only ones that may bother would be those in a hurry to bring more loved ones here, instead of looking for raising those they already have here and bettering themselves and the lives for their children. A five year break will not greatly harm anyone, after all we all have loved ones that move away for many reasons including work and education. If we slow down things may start running more smoothly for those here.