Monday, 15 September 2014

Defendants in Hale/Prison Lawsuit Decline settlement Offer

Hale Vows "A Great Victory" for his Cause
Reverend Matt Hale, former leader of the pro-White and anti-Jewish Church of the Creator and America's most well-known political prisoner, today announced that the defendants in his civil rights lawsuit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons have declined to accept the generous settlement offer that he had made to them in July. He had offered to drop his lawsuit here and now if the defendants would simply agree to refrain from violating his constitutional rights in the future and would allow him to have his violin in his prison cell in lieu of the money damages that he is entitled to. Instead, the defendants have opted for a fruitless legal battle and inevitable defeat.
Reverend Hale filed suit in February 2014 asking for $19 million in damages, alleging numerous  grotesque violations of his clearly established constitutional rights and his rights under the Religious freedom Restoration Act, including his right to deliver sermons to his church, his right to send and receive mail, and his right to be provided with his religious diet.
The case is Reverend Matt Hale v. Federal Bureau of Prisons, et al. No. 14-cv-245 and is in the federal district court at Denver, Colorado.
Widely circulated on the internet,his 30 page complaint has generated support for Reverend Hale all over the world as people everywhere despise the kind of crass religious persecution that has been meted out to him in the supposed "land of the free." His complaint also continues to be available upon request from the email address below.
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From his prison cell in solitary confinement at the infamous "Supermax" prison in Florence, Colorado, Reverend Hale had this to say about the refusal of the defendants to settle the case:

It's really the kind of hubris, stupidity, and downright sadism that one should expect from the federal government, actually. Here they have a no-win case but they would rather fight it out because they figure that the taxpayers are the ones who are going to have to foot the bill anyway. Plus, I suspect that the defendants could not bear the thought of my actually enjoying myself by my being able to play my beloved violin in my prison cell. So, my lawsuit will go forward and we will win a great victory for our cause in the courts!
Reverend Hale will be requesting a jury trial in Denver on the issue of damages, a trial that will give supporters the chance to see him again in person after more than a decade of his unlawful imprisonment.

For further information write,
Matt Hale 15177-424
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, Colorado 81226



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