Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rev Hale Lawsuit vs B.O.P Update

My Fellow Brothers and Sisters!

As part of my current lawsuit against the B.O.P., I need all of you to write a letter explaining the importance of our Creativity religion in your lives and how you would like to receive sermons from me as part of your fellowship in our great Creativity religion church. Please include your name and the country you live in; however. your actual address is unnecessary. Then send your letters to me, with or without your address on the envelope. Be sure to sign your letters in any case.

Send your letters to:
Reverend Matt Hale #15177-424
U.S.P.--Max. P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO. 81226.

On a related note, if any of you are interested in actually joining my lawsuit against the B.O.P., send me a separate letter to this effect as well. Talk about how the two bans that were imposed on my mail since 2010 interfered with your desire to communicate with me as well as your desire to practice our Creativity religion, that they damaged our ties with one another. With this letter though, I do need your address within the letter and on the envelope if possible. You see, every person who wanted to write me during the mail bans but couldn't and whose letters may have also been returned to them, also suffered a violation of their constitutional and other legal rights. So, you have a legal right to join my lawsuit as a fellow Plaintiff if you so desire and seek money damages against the defendants for violating your rights. And this, by the way, applies to Creators and non-creators alike. You have a right to join my lawsuit as fellow Plaintiffs because the mail bans hurt you as well as they did me.

Please type either or both letters if possible. I hope to receive many of each letter from you soon at which time I will file them with the Court. The first letter will enable me to obtain a preliminary injunction prohibiting the defendants from stopping me from issuing sermons to you. The second letter will get the ball rolling on your joining my lawsuit as a fellow Plaintiff. With your support, I will be able to do my utmost for our great cause for our people's future, prison walls or no prison walls!

Yours truly for Our Folk!

Reverend Matt Hale
Sep 41AC (2014)

Pontifex Maximus Emeritus

Church of the Creator
P.S. I mailed my opening brief to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals on September 2nd in my fight for freedom. This brief should be available to all of you soon, if it hasn't been provided already. We will prevail.

PDF Available upon request....


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